Strawberry & tiger prints nail art design

Back for more nail art design ideas that you can DIY… This is what I have on my DIY nails this week. 🙂

For the toe nails:

Strawberry like nails

The small toes are a bit too small anyway. So just do the big toes will do and leave the rest of your little toes red.


1. Paint your nails red.
2. Use green to draw jagged spikes like shown in the pic as the top of the strawberry
3. Use small size dotting tools to make a diamond shape pyramid with more dots at the top and lesser to the bottom in between each dots

For the fingernails:

Tiger prints nails

I found this video on my fat pocket videos that teaches you nail art tiger print design. Tiger prints look nice and easy to do. A bit more to the wild and sexy design but definitely eye catching enough.





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