Solving Hair Loss with Natural Herbal Hair Growth

Solving Hair Loss with Natural Herbal Hair Growth 

written by Glen Jiang @theworkingyears


It was only a few months ago that I was a “guinea pig” to the herbal treatment that Jessie had constantly mentioned to me about that I must try her natural herbal hair growth products. Her new invention of specially customised hair growth ingredients that is blended with different types of herbs and botanical extracts that is effective for detox & cleansing & nourishing the scalp, strengthens hair roots and to promote hair growth.

Hair loss organic herbal Treatment for hair growth

Honestly at first, I was hesitant. Why so?

About 10 years ago, after I had stopped my career as a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines, I had taken a 6 months break, like a Sabbath year. During that time, I noticed that my once full bed of hair had become scanty and each strand of hair was also thin. At the age of 25, I started to panic and got depressed each time I saw my scalp in the mirror. I understand that the air pressure may cause people who travel a lot to drop tons of hair, but I just never thought it would happen to me.

With each passing day, it got more and more difficult to apply hair styling products as a scanty bed of hair meant that the styling products would weigh my hair down, causing my styled hair to become flat-looking really quickly, especially when I started to sweat! Even my hair stylist commented that it was difficult to get my “hair shape” right as my hair was really thin.

Yes, I am a new age vain man. It got to a stage where I started to throw tantrums and cried out for help to my mother. True story, yes, a 25-year-old in a first world country would prioritize his looks over almost anything else in his Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I was no exception.

In my desperation, I approached one of the 2 hair expert shops, you know, the one that has the name of a province/city in China.

Long story short, I was hard sold a package that cost me $10K. In my desperation, I let go of a huge chunk of my savings and was told to do weekly treatments. During each treatment session, I was ushered into the consultation room before and after and was hard sold products over and over again. 3 months into my treatments, I saw no improvements and was fearful of entering the premises as I was so tired of being hard sold. I got even more depressed and told myself that it is just a stage of life where I have to go though.

Fast forward to 10 years later. Though my hair is still scanty and each strands are thin, at least it got worse over 10 years really slowly. I am not bald yet! However, at the crown of my head, there is a small hole already.

hair loss

Sitting at the salon chair, the memories flooded back to me. I was skeptical but proceeded on to allow Jessie to have her treatment done on me. Will this really work? Maybe it will take at least 6 months to 18 months to show results…

Below is a photo of the nice smelling herbs being applied on my scalp and hair to be steamed for 30 minutes during each session.

Hair loss organic herbal Treatment for hair growth 1

Hair loss organic natural herbal Treatment for hair growth

Low and behold! Let the images do the talking! In just 4 months, I was made to sit down and have my hair screening done. See the difference! The best part is this, I have been SUPER ill-disciplined in spraying the home-care solutions on the 1stand 2ndmonth and only started to spray on a daily basis from the 3rdmonth onwards. Yet, the results show! Even funnier, I only visited the shop for my treatments once to twice a month!

Anyway below are the 2 hair tonics that I have been using once a day after shower. The tonics essences and the herbal shampoos are with all natural ingredients that are filled with a lot good herbs. Price range costing only $38 SGD each and my scalp felt so light and clean after spraying.

Gen Hair Herbal Hair Care Tonic 1: 

•Removes dandruffs
• Excess sebum (oil) on scalp
• Stops itchiness

Herbal hair care Tonic-1

Gen Hair Herbal Hair Care Tonic 2:

•Prevents scalp problems while nourishing scalp
•Stimulates hair follicles and revitalizes cells
•Protects new hair texture and pigments

Herbal hair care Tonic-2

Herbal Therapy Scalp Care Shampoo

•Herbal therapy Scalp Care Shampoo replenishes moisture while controlling old secretion on scalp.
•Helps solve various scalp problems.
•Hair becomes grease-free while staying smooth and healthy.

Herbal hair care Scalp care shampoo

Herbal Therapy Hair Fall Control Shampoo

•Herbal therapy Hair Fall Control Shampoo gently cleanses to improve and rejuvenate hair follicles.
•Helps boost general health of the follicles.
•Reduce hair loss
•Eliminate problem due to fragile hair.
•Hair becomes smooth, healthy and frizz-free.

Herbal hair care Hairfall shampoo

•Herbal therapy Hair Fall Control Shampoo gently cleanses to improve and rejuvenate hair follicles.
•Helps boost general health of the follicles.
•Reduce hair loss
•Eliminate problem due to fragile hair.
•Hair becomes smooth, healthy and frizz-free.

When the ladies of the shop sat me down to scan my hair as they wanted to use my scalp as an example to show their clients, I was shocked. It looks so CLEAN! I was so convinced that I had told them that I will visit their shop every weekly, vigilantly from now on! I, am, SOLD! It WORKS!

When they did the scalp analysis for me, I was totally shocked at my scalp condition which was so much worse that I thought. Thankfully, I tried the treatment and products or else I might get even worse without knowing why since I didn’t know how serious my scalp was inflammed with bacteria starting to grow on it until I did the hair scope scan.  No wonder my scalp was always itchy.

I was so happy to see so many baby hair growing and that my scalp became so healthy and clean in less than 4 months.

Herbal Organic Natural Hair loss growth treatment Scalp

The funny thing was this, just 1 week before they did the scanning, my barber actually told me that my head had a lot more hair. I also replied “Sure or not? Are you just trying to make me happy?” I get free haircuts from him usually as he uses my styled haired pictures as posters for his shop, thus making me his FOC model. However, coming from him, there must be some truth in it.

I will be getting my treatment done more frequently and will update my progress here.

Hair loss organic herbal Treatment for hair growth 2

Herbal Hair Treatment before after result

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