So amazed by my Postnatal Slimming Results

I remember it didn’t seem so long ago when I was blogging and complaining about my confinement and 30 days just flew by. My son is 1 month old now and I had just threw a full month party for him with almost 200 guests attending.

As Singaporeans, we are all busy bees and there are so many beloved friends and family I haven’t seen for quite sometime. The party was a good opportunity to invite them and get in touch again. It was very nice to see everyone.

After I gave birth, I was horrified when I look in the mirror. What I saw was an auntie standing right in the mirror, my stomach bulging, meaty thigh and flabby back, love handles….etc and my figure was totally out of shape. 🙁 During the first week of my confinement when my aunt and some friends came to visit me at home, they joked and asked if I still have another baby inside my tummy as it still look so big even though I had delivered. I became very worried as I don’t want 200 people at the full month party to see me looking fat! I need to get back in shape fast…


I am very tempted to crop my face out but I decided to show you my face to proof that this is really me and how auntie I look during my confinement…

This is after week 1. Look at my flabby tummy and thunder thighs

This is 1 week after I gave birth. Look at my flabby tummy and thunder thighs

I quickly called up Valerie from Nouri Face & Body Concepts and was very eager to start with the 15 days – 3 steps postnatal treatment. I started seeing Valerie since I was 5 months pregnant for prenatal massage, prenatal body polish & wrap and prenatal facial. I have never seen anyone so passionate and knowledgeable like Valerie with her work. She is definitely an expert when it comes to pre and postnatal. She gave me countless advise on how to take care of myself before and after I gave birth which I am so thankful for.

For the postnatal treatments, Valerie comes to my house 3 times a week. All her treatments are done comfortably on my bed, I just have to prepare some old towels to cover the bed. The whole 3 steps treatment takes 2 hours.

15 days – 3 steps postnatal treatment:

Step 1: Lymphatic Detox Wrap

It is very important for women who just gave birth to sweat out all the toxins and wind accumulated in the body. By doing the lymphatic detox wrap, it helps me to sweat a lot before moving on to the other treatments.

Step 2: Fat Mobilisation

Besides hand massage, Valerie have a special machine that was stationed in my home for the entire month until the 15 sessions was over. The machine was used together with Nouri’s SEXY MUM cream to help break down the cellulite and fat on my body. It also helped to push my body back in shape. Once the fat cells and cellulite are broken down, it can then be easily eliminated from our bodies.

The SEXY MUM cream formulated by Valerie penetrates and help increases the metabolism to create lipolytic activity, which removes fatty acids and glycerol. The cream retard cellulite growth and recreates a firm and resilient slim look to make the skin looks tighter, firmer and toned.

I can feel a ”heat” on the areas applied for a few hours. The heating feeling on the skin felt rather nice so I applied it on myself everyday even on the days Valerie is not here.

Step 3: Special Osmotic Tummy Wrap

This is the wrap that Valerie manufactured herself.

IMG_2074I have heard from many friends and from my cousins that they either cannot stand wrapping/binding for long hours or do not bother to wrap at all after childbirth because it was too uncomfortable. So having to do the wrap got me a little worried previously. But I am very surprised that even though I look Egyptian mummified in the above photo (hahaha!), the wrapping wasn’t uncomfortable as I can keep it on for 20 hours everyday. It wasn’t difficult to put it on by myself everyday too.

This step is very important because a woman’s body muscle, bone, nerves, joints and other organs have changed and grown and become swollen and loose due to the hormonal influence of pregnancy. That’s why this is the best time to do slimming and reshape your body during your confinement. Wrapping helps to

  • flatten the tummy, reduce weight and tone the body;
  • protect the internal organs as well as help swollen organs return to their pre-baby state;
  • tighten the abdomen and other parts of the body that have sagged or lost their muscle tone after childbirth;
  • promote good posture that will aid in breastfeeding


Me with Valerie boss of Nouri Face & Body Concepts and my son Jack

Valerie is a Peranakan lady with charming personality and cares for her customers. I really like her way of mixing traditional Jamu practices with modern day slimming methods which is the reason for choosing Nouri Face & Body Concepts  to take care of my Pre and Post Natal Treatments.


I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EYES! I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight in just a month. Apart from my expanded waist and hips, I put on about 12 kg throughout my pregnancy(probably will be much more if I haven’t been faithfully going to Valerie for the prenatal treatments). I can’t believe that I had lost all my pregnancy weight within one month and that my body figure shapier and nicer than before. I am so grateful and lucky to have met Valerie.

I love my new body being slimmer and trimmer than before pregnancy

This is me 30 days after giving birth to baby Jack and I love my new body. All thanks to Nouri!

Me, my husband and my son at his full month party
My mum, me and my son Jack
Happiness is what money can’t buy
Me, my husband Sean with baby, mother in law and sister in law at the full month party
Me and my mum with Valerie’s 3 sons at the full month party.

I love them all as they are so cute together and always helping their mum out at the shop. After meeting Valerie, I am not even afraid to also have 3 sons and still know I can have a good figure like Valerie.



Get your SPECIAL price?

Whatsapp Val at 91994189 for information on ”MFP promotion”. Remember to mention ”Jessie from myfatpocket” to give me some credit for this post. Usual price is $2800 without the promotion so hurry contact Valerie to find out about the latest promotion.

Valerie will provide a free trial for the Sexy Mum Cream during your first session so you can see whether you would like to use it. I find that Valerie’s postnatal treatments is really value for money and result proven, I need not spend more money to sign up Slimming packages out there after my postnatal treatments to continue losing weight.

Though the price might be a little pricier than the normal free lance traditional Jamu Massage but the treatments have proven effective and the price tag to pay is nothing compare to gaining my body and confidence back. You can read other successful NOURI SEXY MUMS testimonials here. I know I definitely will be using Valerie’s services again if I have my 2nd and 3rd child.

Valerie at Nouri Face & Body Concepts is having a 1 for 1 deal for all her pre natal services. It is a great opportunity for you to try out Valerie’s skills yourself before committing to the postnatal treatment. Please book at least 2 months in advance to avoid disappointment as her appointment get filled up quickly. Do remember to mention ”Jessie from myfatpocket” when you call her for appointment. 🙂

I am so glad that I met Valerie and through all the prenatal treatments and post natal treatments we became good friends as she is so nice!

Contacts, Info and Location

Address: Block 462 Crawford Lane #01-53 Singapore 190462  (Close to Lavender MRT)

By appointment only. Call 9199 4189.

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