Singapore Blog Awards 2015 has began


Singapore Blog Awards 2015 has began 


One year has flew by so quickly since I took part in the Singapore Blog Awards for the first time last year. I still can’t believe I won the Best Beauty Blogger last year. Praise Jesus!

This year they are picking out the best bloggers in Singapore again… It’s the 8th year this year. Catch the details at

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Couple of weeks ago, my friend whatsapp me a screen shot of the above news article on the coming Singapore blog awards 2015.

When I saw the above newspaper article, it brings back a lot of good memories with the other outstanding bloggers of our nation. Photo was taken last year during our beauty event at Singapore Press Holdings. All these ladies are so amazing. I love reading a lot of their blogs too from time to time.

I think the blog award this year will be amazing too. Although I didn’t take part this year, I will surely continue to give my support to omy and SPH. Looking forward to the award ceremony event. Curious what theme it’s gonna be this year. 🙂


They are releasing the results of the finalists today. Catch the details at



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