Secrets of the successful first online dating messages


How to Come up with the First Catching Message for Online Dating?

A well-thought-out profile with a hi-res photo and detailed information about you is not the one and only thing you have to work on in order to catch the eye of the possible companion of life. Great first message is a perfect investment in successful development of the relationship. That is why you have to do your best to create the message that is as unique as you are and that will engage attention of the exact type of people you want to date.


Here are some indicative strategies and pieces of advice to follow if you want to conquer the heart of one of the lovely girls on Kovla, one of the largest and most respectful online dating sites:

  1. Your message should be customized and serve as an evidence that you have read girl’s profile information attentively. For example, state what ingredients of her character appeal to you or what hobbies and interests of hers you share. It is obvious that it is impossible to create such kind of message that will suit many girls – thus it is a sign for your chosen one that you take her seriously and you really pay attention to what she says – and we all know how girls love it!
  2. Use the language you both understand. That doesn’t mean that you have to learn Belarussian when you communicate with belarusian girls on – knowledge of English is far enough for an informative conversation today. The meaning of this point is simple: specific interests call for specific slang, phrases or notions that are often unclear for others. Get the most out of it: usage of the sector-specific language proves that you share the same interest and that you are not a poseur that just pretends to be knowledgeable to draw attention. As an example, here is a situation: send a code message to a girl who is said to be interested in programming (of course, if you share this interest).


       3.Create a message that calls for a strong reaction. For example, make a provoking bet using specific information taken from the girl’s profile – thus it is clear that it is not a cut and paste message sent to hundreds of women, but a specific one that is written especially for her. Another important note: that bet should consider one of her positive sides and serve as a compliment. For example: this point of your profile is too good to be true, I bet that one of your male friends advised you to add it to the profile because such information definitely draws men’s attention.

4.Use your sense of humor. Funny first messages that show that you are not afraid to be funny and have a good sense of humor are great as many people value that in their potential partners.

Use these four simple tips in order to get acquainted with the girls. Your main goal is to show your real feelings and intentions.



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