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Singapore Blog Awards omy best beauty blogger

Singapore Blog Awards omy best beauty blogger winners

Hello! My name is Jessie Ting, an award winning Singapore Blogger with a passion to inspire others.

I am an entrepreneur of my own beauty business, Beauty Recipe Beauty Recipe is well- known for our Semi-permanent makeup like Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lip Embroidery, Eyelash Extensions, Nails and other beauty services, training and supplies.

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Since 2007, I fell in love with the art of semi permanent makeup in Korea and stayed there for 2 years. Even now, every year I would go back there for more trainings and upgrades to find out about the latest techniques and products. Influenced by my mum – my hero who is in the beauty line for over 36 years imparted me with the love for beauty motivated me to build a team of well trained, skilled and quality therapists to create natural and yet lasting semi-permanent makeup here in Singapore.

 My blog started out as an online journal and has grown to be a platform from which I share my thoughts, ideas, tips, knowledge, product/service reviews and my life with the world on the internet. In the past 6 years, I even use it to build my own personal brand ”www.beautyrecipe.com.sg”, successful beauty salons and online business which won me the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2014 :) 


I came from a broken family and suffered from severe acne skin problem as a teen which left me with a very low self esteem with no desire for success.

I hope my blog can inspire women to feel more confident about themselves regardless of age, race or background. That they too can change their life around completely and continue to pursue their dreams in things that they are passionate about.

Confidence is very important for a woman. In fact they say, 70% of the battle in what ever you do has already been won if you have confidence and believe in yourself. Looking good does plays a big factor that adds to the confidence level for women.

I mainly blog about beauty, make up, fashion, nutrition, health tips and my lifestyle to help women enhance the way they look and feel good about themselves so they can continue to change the world.

I am a mummy to little Jack, a beauty junkie, a food lover, someone who never gets tired of shopping and I love to travel around the world. I enjoy being in the fore front of trying out new things as a blogger.

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I hope that my blog can be used as a channel to make a difference in peoples’ lives where people can learn valuable, interesting knowledgeable things from. Be it tips on health, food, fashion, beauty, parenting or even from experiences that happened to me or just laugh at my silly jokes. Knowing that my blog actually inspires someone out there or helped someone made me not regret the time and effort I have put into blogging all these years.

Jessie Ting Blogger Photoshoot by Magazineshi

I grew up in Singapore, lived in England for 4 years and then move to South Korea for 18 months. My time in England and Korea had given me a lot of opportunities to travel around the world and get exposed to different culture, having friends from all over the world, food, fashion, different beauty products…etc.

I thank God for all these wonderful opportunities. These expanded my mind and brought me to a whole different thinking and views about life.

The happiest people do not necessary have the ‘best’ things. They simply appreciate the things they have.

Life is never a bed of roses. Most of the time, things don’t just happen the way you wish it would be and there will always be failures which is just part and parcel of life. Truth is, you will not succeed every time you try and not everyone will appreciate your kindness or help but you must continue to do what you believe is right and kept standing strong on your beliefs.

It doesn’t matter where you are now, just don’t forget to move forward. I hope everyone will live their life to the fullest and make this world a better place with their own ways and leave no regrets as they always say 人生短短几十年(life is short). Work hard! Play hard!

Thank you all for following and reading my blog posts. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Do ‘Like’ and follow me on Facebook and don’t be shy to leave any comments. 🙂 God Bless…

Jessie Ting Blogger Photoshoot by Magazineshi