Revlon Pro Instant Pedi Review

Revlon Pro Instant Pedi Review 

For those with no habit or no time going for pedicure at nail salons and you are looking for a quick fix to that dry heel with hard skin, here is a very handy tool to help you to smoothen out that rough heel.

I have tried out the Revlon Pro Instant Pedi and let me show you below how smooth it had made my heel within minutes of using it. I am really quite amazed by this beauty tool after using it as when I first looked at this small machine, I do have high doubts if it was going to work properly or not.   By looking at the before and after photos. I think it would have convinced you that it did work well.

Revlon Pro Instant Pedi Review

The Revlon Pro Instant Pedi can transform rough heels and toes into smooth, renewed skin.

The advanced technology of 35 revolutions per second helps remove corns and calluses instantly.

It claims that it can…..

Reduces 99.9% of bacteria
Antimicrobial treatment destroys 99.9% of bacteria*** on the roller

Micro- grain roller surface
Provides extremely effective callus removal.

No soaking required
Does not require feet to be soaked / pre-moistened.

Safe to use
No sharp blades, includes safety stop

– 5X more hard skin removal

– 2AA batteries included

– 1 year warranty

Revlon Pro Instant Pedi Review

Revlon Pro Instant Pedi Review

Revlon Pro Instant Pedi Review

I like that it is light and easy to hold with their sleek design. Simply pop in 2 batteries and turn it on to buff away on the feet. There is a small release button at the side to release the buffer so you can give the machine a through all clean once you finish with it and to replace the buffer easily. Very smart design too yeah?

With no blade on it, it is also very safe to use. No matter how hard you grind on the feet, it will not cut or damage your skin which is the most important thing.

Not only it is effective, no need to pre-soak my feet too. Can just use it whenever I want. 🙂

Revlon Pro Instant Pedi Review

Revlon Pro Instant Pedi Review

See the powdery grey stuffs? Yes they are my dead skin after buffing my heel for a couple of minutes . Sorry I know quite yucky. But yeah it works.  Price of the Revlon Pro Instant is retailed at $49.90 on Gobuylah.

Here is the link for more info and if you would like to purchase this.



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