Review on Laser & Liposonix treatment at Niks Maple Professional Clinic


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Laser treatment always sounds scary isn’t it? I was greeted with Twisted facial expression and horror stories of how lasers gone wrong when I told my friends I’ll be going for a laser session.

To be honest, it did scare me a little bit when I do not know what the Clear + Brilliant laser is all about. So I did my research on it to prep myself. (Click to view my post on my research about Clear + Brilliant laser and Liposonix)

As my skin is very sensitive and thin, I was a little worried if my skin is able to take it. But Clear + Brilliant laser uses gentle laser, is somewhere in-between injectables/chemical peels and Corrective procedures/surgery.


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For more radiant skin definitely laser is still the way to go. To be honest, this is my first laser treatment so I really don’t know what to expect.



Dr Lau from Niks Maple Clinic walking me through the treatments I will be going through later.



Look at how excited I am!

I told him, I have very sensitive skin, worried that laser might be too strong for me. And, the stubborn post natal FATS.  Dr Lau was very assuring throughout the consult which gives me the confidence to let him take care of my Face and Body.


Of cause before a laser session numbing process is important. For those who have a low threshold of pain. Do not worry u can have the whole tube of numbing cream. Very generous.

What it feels like? 

Warm tingling sensation was felt as they roll the tip on my face. Heat level is very low as my face was pretty numb. Other than that I don’t feel any discomfort and the whole treatment took only about 10-15 mins as each area was rolled over about 3 or 4 times.







I rate the discomfort level 2/10 for the treatment.

After the treatment, my face is a little red mostly over the nose, under eyes and chin area. It felt like I just came back from a beach holiday with light sunburn on my face. I was told to try avoid the sun for 1 week and put on plenty of sunblock before I go out.  Dr Lau also gave me some after care products to bring back for my use.


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When I arrived home, the skin became redder and the discomfort level increased to 3.5/10 after the numbing effect totally wears off. I put some cotton face mask packs from the fridge and aloe vera gel,the burning discomfort and redness was gone completely in couple of hours. You should do that after a laser session! Totally smoothen the redness.


Day 2: 

I was pre-empt that my skin will be dry and abit red, slightly sandy but not visible. Clear + Brilliant laser downtime was about 2 days only.

I can resume my normal activities. I just have to remember to put on sunscreen.

Remember I mention something about my tummy to Dr Lau too, he highly recommended Liposonix to me, results has been very positive from his patients who can’t get rid of post – natal stubborn fats. Amazing what a machine can do!


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I am quite lucky as after 3 months of giving birth to Jack, I am at my ideal size but I have some stubborn, unwanted fat around my tummy so I’ve been trying means and ways to get rid of them. I heard dropping one one dress or pant size is a no problem with Liposonix. 1 inch (2.5 cm) – which typically means one dress or pant size. *astonished*


They measured my waist circumference and drew 5 areas to be treated with a marker pen on my stomach. 2 sections of the upper abdominal and 3 sections of the lower abdominal.



The Liposonix treatment is a non-surgicalnon-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) to permanently destroy fat cells. Liposonix delivers uniform, predictable results after a single one-hour treatment.


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This focused ultrasound energy can be used to penetrate through the skin layers and into the targeted fat tissue without harming skin or surrounding tissues. It’s a  1-1-1 (1 Treatment, 1 Hour & 1 Inch Size Down) effective treatment.

Custom Contouring Ability: The ability to customise the area of treatment for each patient’s need.

Dual Tissue Response: Tighten the skin at the same time as you lose that inch because of its technology

Consistent treatment delivery: Unlike many other body contouring procedures, the Liposonix treatment produces smooth results due to its unique, advanced delivery technology. No cases of uneven or lumpy results have been reported.

What it feels like? 

Cold water was sprayed over my tummy area to lower down the heat from the machine. Each of the 5 areas was zap for 4 times for about few minutes each time. The first 3 times, I don’t really felt much. Just some mild prickling, tingling and warm sensation. Depending on the area treated, the final time was the one that I felt a achy feeling as the waves surge in to melt my fats.

Lower abdominal was quite sensitive as there are more nerves. I would rate discomfort level for this treatment to be 6/10. It is definitely not totally painless but bearable. It helped by having a very friendly doctor Dr Lau , he was chatting with me the whole time to distract me. 🙂

Liposonix is the newest technology in the market now in targeting fat removal.



I felt as though I have done a few hundred sit-ups. The aching on my tummy was quite intense.

But who will do hundreds of sit-ups in a day?! So mild discomfort is actually normal.

The next day, there was actually no bruising or swelling for me,  the achy pain wasn’t as strong as I expected it to be too.

Over the next 8 to 12 weeks, my body will naturally process and remove the destroyed fats. Therefore, the results of Liposonix are the best after about 3 months when my body breaks down these fats cells and pass it out of my body system naturally.

The Best part is !! Liposonix treatment WONT damage your skin it actually sinks into the inner layer and kills the fats at the same time , under your skin it will naturally stimulate collagen to tighten the area!

tummy fats



If you are active, healthy and have at least 1 inch of fats to lose !! Don’t want to go for surgery, you’re the Ideal Candidate for Liposonix

Call for appointment at the clinics below for a one to one consultation to know more! Remember to give me credit for the recommendation! Thank you 🙂


Niks Maple Laser Clinic:

#05-34 Orchard Central

Niks Maple Clinic:

Blk 825 Tampines Street 81, #01-64

Niks Maple West Clinic:

Block 134 Jurong Gateway Road #01-311

Niks Maple North Clinic

Block 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-221




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