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Review: Beauty Credit Honey & Black Sugar Mask

Solving dry skin during my holiday with Beauty Credit Honey and Black Sugar Mask.

At least I have one thing to praise about the Singapore humidity is that I do not feel itchy and feel the rough scabby skin all over even without any moisturizer being applied. The weather in UK and Ireland is much dryer compared to Singapore. Therefore being Singaporean I think many of our skin will not be able to take the dryness while we are on holiday abroad in dryer countries.

I remember when my mum came visiting me when I was living England years back, she screamed from the toliet the next day morning when she sees herself in the mirror. She told me she want to go home to Singapore because all her skin had wrinkled up badly just overnight. Of course I was a little offended because I had paid a few thousand dollars for her holiday in the UK and had booked a trip to bring her to Paris but funny at the same time to her extreme reaction to the dry weather.

Anyway this time, I came to Europe prepared. Let me show you how I solved the dry flaky skin problem after a few days of being in Europe. – Beauty Credit Honey & Black Sugar mask and scrub.

Honey & Black Sugar Mask

Honey & Black Sugar Mask
The concoction of honey and black sugar is excellent in treating exhausted and tired skin, and in bringing back the natural beauty of your skin. Regular use will reveal the layer of baby soft skin in hiding. Skin tone becomes clear and glowing just after one use! (I do feel my skin becomes lighter and softer after one use since it is a scrub and mask combi)

It’s great to have a product which combines the scrub and mask together. You might think that applying moisturizer is enough. But no, the moisturizer will not be absorbed into your skin because your thick layer of dry skin over the few days of being in dry weather had form like a shield for the moisturizer to be absorbed.

What it looks like inside

The black sugar isn’t very coarse and they dissolve slowly as you scrub them on your skin. The honey made the whole texture sticky but in a good way as it made the mask able to stick on your skin and it smells sweet too. Didn’t had the courage to taste it though tempted to but I made sure I washed it all throughly as I am worried that ants might come and eat me up during my sleep tonight.

After the treat if this scub and mask combi, it’s time to put on moisturizer and a cotton paper mask on the face for more relaxation. 🙂 This should let my skin remain smooth and moisturized for the next couple of days.

Ingredients :
Water, Glycerin, Mineral Oil, sucrose, Sorbitol, PEG-32, Petrolatum, Sucrose, Fatty Acid Ester, PEG-8, Silica, Cetyl Octanoate, Montmorillonite, Fragrance, Caramel, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Methyl Stearoyl Taurate, Manuka Honey / Glycern, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butyl Paraben, Xanthan Gum



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