Prenatal Massage at Nouri Face & Body Concepts

I had a 90 mins Prenatal Massage, 120 mins Signature Prenatal Facial, 60 mins prenatal polish treatment and 45 mins prenatal body cocoon treatment at Nouri Face & Body Concepts. It was so nice and relaxing, I could definitely spent my whole day there again. I love the personal touch to all their services with Valerie De Costa. Before my comments and review on their services, here is a brief introduction of Nouri Face & Body Concepts.


Nouri Face & Body Concepts was founded by it’s director, Valerie De Costa, in it’s early days in 2001.

527d0f_0461879c481a3573cb221c03cecdf17d.jpg_srz_408_508_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzVal has a positive reputation as an ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL in the beauty industry. Click here to see her Awards and Achievements 


  • 2013 Invited to join panel of successful enterpreuners in Enterpreuner Extraordinaire Fb page
  • 2008 Platinum Award for Successful Entrepreneur
  • 2006 Voted Most Popular Post Natal Massage by MY BEAUTY GURU portal
  • 2005 Producer of Most Referals for Summit Chapter in Business Network International
  • 2005 Pioneer in online Marketing of Post Natal Servicees with ATW portal
  • 2003 to 2006 member with the Business Network International
  • 2003 member of the International Federation of Aromatherapy (UK)
  • 2003 member of the World Masters Beauty Associates
  • 2001 founded Nouri Face & Body Concepts at age 23

With 15 years of experience under her belt, she is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a mother to three young and active kids. 

Noting her certificates above , you can be assured that Valerie has an extensive knowledge in beauty and massage care.

Judging by the glowing testimonials personally written by her clients,  you will discover that apart from being a popular choice in the pre and post natal massage industry, Valerie also has a reputation in being trustworthy in administering beauty care services as well. Her services ranging from skin correcting facials, body slimming programs, IPL skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal to brazilian waxing are popular hits with all her clients, including the newly delivered mums.

All products used are hand made so they do not contains parabens, fragrances, additives and free from artificial extracts to be safe for babies and mummies.

Me at 6 months+ pregnant and Valerie, director of Nouri
Valerie invited me back to Nouri to try more of her treatments – 26 weeks Pregnant

My Prenatal Massage Experience with Nouri Face & Body Concepts

Valerie personally performs all the treatments for the pregnancy and post natal segment herself. She started off by preparing a freshly made high grade cold-pressed Jojoba massage aromatherapy oil. Freshly made oil will guarantee more freshness, lesser level of additives and preservatives compared to the commercially made and packed pre prepared massage oils.

I understand that Valerie is trying to make all her products as natural as possible for the health of the babies and mummies. Cold-pressed massaged oil doesn’t feel cold like what the word says, it actually feels warm during the massage and tends to have better absorption into our skin and body.  Her recipe of the prepared oil has added ingredients  to prevent stretch marks of which she gave me some after the massage for me to bring home for self application on my tummy. 🙂

Massage oil freshly made right in front of me 🙂

I find Val very friendly and approachable. During my treatment, she explained to me the benefits of prenatal massage and how prenatal massage differs from general massage because there can be some risks if particular pressure points are stimulated therefore it is very important to find a therapist that knows what they are doing and is specially trained for it. Click and read my blog post on the benefits of prenatal massage. I believe prenatal care is not just about looking good during pregnancy but it plays a big part in getting back into shape after pregnancy too.


As a first time mum, I am very thankful for Val’s sharing of her knowledge and experiences on pre and post natal care with me during our small talks while doing the treatments. At least I am better prepared now in explaining to my Caucasian husband why we Asian ladies need to have 1 month confinement of which there are many things we cannot do and rules we have to follow and things we have to eat for our own good during that one month confinement after child birth.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts pre and post natal services combines a family secret of a unique technique in Thai Peranakan massage and modern cutting edge technology to provide a result oriented treatment to the new mum. The firm endorsements made by Nouri’s sexy looking mums in speaks volumes.

The atmosphere of the treatment room felt very cozy with controlled temperature and warm dim orange lightings.

Massage treatment room. Actual lighting during massage is dim.

Her massage strokes felt very firm and comfortable throughout the treatment. Valerie definitely knows which spots to be firm and where to be soft when doing the massage. The massage eases the stress of pregnancy and my back ache after the treatment. At 6 months plus pregnant, my legs are starting to swell and due to my job being a real estate agent, I have to travel to many places everyday and walk here walk there. My legs especially felt so much lighter after the treatment.

I also tried their Signature Prenatal Facial, prenatal polish treatment and prenatal body cocoon treatment. Whether is it the Facial, massage, scrub or rubbing the good smelling yogurt stuff on me – Valerie took her time and never miss an inch of my skin. *Thumbs up*


Prenatal polish treatment which has a unique formula that effectively removes dead cells and grime from the surface layer of the skin. Skin is left well cleansed, brighter in tone, glowing and supple. Helps to reduce pigmentation marks on the under arms,  neckline and groin area. Active ingredients : green tea extract, jojoba beads and aloe gel extract.

Prenatal body cocoon treatment is a heavenly formula that targets dehydration, stretchmarks and uneven skin tone. Skin is left well hydrated,  elastic and soft to the touch. Helps to relieve stress as well. Active ingredients : macadamia oil, honey and yoghurt.

Signature prenatal Facial. Deep cleansing facial that targets skin problems caused by pregnancy hormones such as acne and pigmentation. Peaceful massage helps mummy feel rested. Facial skin is left glowing and well cleansed. Active ingredients : jojoba oil, cucumber , chamomile,  green tea.

My skin glows, feels so smooth and clean after all the treatments.

Specially hand made and natural skincare can be custom made by Valerie for the new mum and those who suffer allergies. Skincare that is specially made fresh , to suit her skin issues triggered by pregnancy hormones or hormonal imbalance. Choose from an array of cleansers, toners, gels, serums, exfoliants and masks.

Valerie is very much into the importance of quality of services rendered to her diverse range of clients of all races and ages. I am personally very impressed by her professionalism yet friendly approach towards me. I can see her passion in what she does. Caring for her customers and putting importance in serving them. If you are looking for a service with a personal touch. Valerie would be the one you are looking for. 🙂



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