Prenatal Body Polish and Wrap @ Nouri Face & Body Concepts


For those of you who are pregnant… This 2 body treatments from Nouri is a must try!

Pre Natal Intensive Body Polish and the Pre Natal Organic Cocoon Body Wrap 

This is me at 31 weeks with Valerie pretty lady boss at Nouri 🙂


Pre Natal Intensive Body Polish

What it does for you?

 Refreshing * Whitening * Smoothing * Detoxifying


The body scrub is made with Green Tea which provides anti oxidants, jojoba beads for deep exfoliation.

The Pre Natal Body Scrub by NOURI is a unique body exfoliation technique that requires energy, concentration and stamina from the therapist. Green tea extracts and jojoba beads are massaged vigorously repeatedly throughout the whole treatment.


Can you tell how relaxing and nice this was from the look of my face in the photo?

Definitely the treatment I need to clean out all the dirt from my pores and to remove all the dead skin off my body before my upcoming confinement once the baby is born.

Valerie was so careful with every detail that she did not even miss a single spot on my body. It was very systematic how she did the scrub part by part on my body and then cleaning off the scrub with a new clean wet towel and covering me with blanket before moving on to the next area. I find that it is very important to keep warm at all times during the treatment as a pregnant woman should never catch a cold.

My skin was left so superbly clean, fresh , smooth and bright. A definite must try for all pregnant mummies!


Pre Natal Organic Body Cocoon

What it does for you?

Anti Stretchmarks * Moisturising * Hydrating * Toning


 The body mask prepared for me that day was Green Tea with Algae which provides hydration, algae provides tightening of flab and removes water retention.

The Pre Natal Organic Body Cocoon is a SPA treat for new mums! While many places refrain from providing extensive services to new mums , NOURI has always had the new mum in mind, hence the introduction of the Organic Body Cocoon.


You are enveloped in the richness and creaminess of the chosen wrap of the day. With great masks selection to choose from, I have tried the yogurt honey with pomegranate which has a smoother and milky texture to it for hydration and softening of the skin besides the Green Tea with Algae shown in the photo above. The Green Tea with Algae is a much thicker mask which gives the firming and tightening effect on the skin. It also feels leaves a slight minty and cooling sensation on the skin while being in the wrap.  There are other masks to choose from and I can’t wait to try them soon!

Mask was carefully spread all over my body before wrapping me up with a few big pieces of plastic sheets for the goodness to be absorbed into my skin. Once I am wrapped up like a cocoon, Valerie gave me a very enjoyable head massage. During the wrap, one cannot help but be lulled to deep slumber, leaving the new mum well rested. I fell into such a deep sleep right there as I was so relaxed by the nice smelling mask Valerie rubbed on my whole body.

My skin felt smooth and soft. I even felt re-energised for my evening appointments after the treatment. My body felt toned and my legs felt much lighter!




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Pre Natal Intensive Body Polish $68 / 60min

Pre Natal Organic Body Cocoon $98  (depending on size of recepient)

Contacts, Info and Location

Address: Block 462 Crawford Lane #01-53 Singapore 190462  (Close to Lavender MRT)

By appointment only. Call 9199 4189.

To read more real life testimonials on Nouri Face & Body Concepts website  on experience on prenatal massage by Nouri.

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