Physiogel Calming Relief Face Care Range 14 Day Blogger Skin Diary

Physiogel Calming Relief Face Care Range 14 Day Blogger Skin Diary 

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Physiogel is the leading brand for sensitive skin and recommended by dermatologist. About 1 in 2 women in the Asia-Pacific reported about skin sensitivity and one in three women experience facial redness issues in a study conducted by GSK in collaboration with AC Nielsen. Skin sensitivity is actually more common than you think and probably most women don’t even realise that they actually had sensitive skin. Most importantly, knowing your skin well means you need to be more careful of the products and treatments you are using on your skin. Not only that there are a lot of factors that can trigger and cause skin sensitivity!

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I know my skin has always been sensitive so I know never to go for harsh treatments, acidic or high chemical products. Other than always trying to use the right type of products, I am also very careful with the sun because it will trigger redness on my face. Environment is a trigger of sensitive skin. The sun, the wind, rain, cold, central heating and air conditioning all plays a part in drying or aggravating sensitive skin.

Even long hot showers are really not good as it will remove natural oils that are needed to keep your skin moist and supple. I am guilty of having long hot showers too!

Food intake also can be a factor, so spicy food and alcohol too can be blamed for skin sensitivity flare up as well. I don’t usually drink a lot accept some wine during special occasion but I am someone who loves spicy food. I cannot survive or eat anything that is not spicy. Always I will add a lot of chill in my food.

Another thing that never fail to cause me to have outbreak is STRESS!!!! Anxiety and stress can increase the release of hormones such as cortisol with can affect the skin, making it prone to breakouts and increasing skin sensitivity. So yeah need to try and stay chilled!!!

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I notice that whenever I go under the sun, my face gets red very easily. And if I am expose for long time, I can see small red vessels on my face. I learnt that facial redness occurs when the tiniest blood vessels on your skin, the capillaries gets wider. When it gets wider, more blood flows through them and giving the red appearance. Facial redness is one of the ways to show that you have sensitive skin.

Besides my skin getting red rather easily, another thing is that my skin gets dehydrated very easily. Especially after a swim or sauna, my skin will be so tight, tautness, uncomfortable itch and gets very sandy feeling the next day. My skin peels a lot as well which is so annoying because it is always so flaky if I don’t apply huge amount of moisturisers or do hydrating masks frequently.

This is actually because my lipid barrier on the outer layer of the skin being compromised causing my skin to lose moisture and become dehydrated easily. Lipids are natural fats that help to keep the outer layer of the skin moist and healthy by forming a protective barrier against water loss and irritants.

Physiogel Calming Relief face care range contains Physiogel BioMimic Technology™ in its formulation which mimics lipids that are naturally present in the skin. By mimicking the skin’s natural lipid structure, Physiogel BioMimic Technology™ can repair the skin’s moisture barrier and restore hydration.   

Therefore Physiogel not just help to soothe, strengthen and repair your skin moisture barrier. The skin cells surrounded by the lipids form a protective barrier, not only against water loss from the inside but will also form a barrier against the entry of allergens from the outside.


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When Physiogel contacted me to go through this 14 day trial for their new Physiogel Calming Relief face care range which consist of a Facial Cleanser and 2 face creams, I am really interested to see how the products would improve my skin because so many had already found it effective.

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Day 1.

I felt that my skin is calmed and my skin itchiness is more tolerable. Especially with the Cleanser, it made me feel a big difference because usually after washing my face with other facial soap, my skin would feel really tight and taut because most cleansers in the market are too over drying for my skin. But I was pleasantly surprised that my skin actually feels soft after I wash the Physiogel cleanser away for the first time. I decided to apply the facial relief cream on my face thicker like a mask treatment over my face, cleaning the excess away before going to bed.

My face feels really soft the following day and the makeup went on my face amazingly. No flaky makeup the entire day on day 2. Makeup stick so well on my skin. No need for any touch up. I started to look forward for what it would do to my face for the next 14 days! 🙂

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Day 7.

After a week, I noticed that even when I forgot to apply my routine facial hydrating masks on my face or even with me missing my application of the Physiogel products on my face at night, my face no longer feel very dry or taut the following morning. It just tells me that my skin is starting to be able to lock in moisture better than before. The peeling and flaky issue on my skin around my nose and mouth area gets better and the skin is not as red whenever I scratch my face due to itchiness or go under the sun. Itchiness level is reduced but I still feel itchy after I sweat outdoors or after the gym.

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Day 10

I am so used to using Physiogel Calming Relief face care range that I am using it both day and night without fail. At first, I was worried that the Face Cream rich version might be too oily for my skin but it is actually ok after getting use to the texture in the past 10 days. I apply the rich bottle on the cheeks and forehead which skin is extremely dry, for my T-zone where my skin is oilier, I applied the normal bottle of the Calming Relief Face Cream. I find it works better like that for my combination skin face. At this point, my skin is no longer flaky or peels. My makeup also look so perfect on my skin because no dead skin half hanging there with the makeup. At this point, I am strongly recommending my friends who have sensitive skin and eczema to go get Physiogel Calming Relief face care range!

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Day 14.

I am travelling to Taipei on Day 12 which is quite cold at the moment about 10 -16 degrees. Normally, after taking the plane my skin would surely start to get flaky and peels because of the dry air on the plane plus the colder weather. I was really waiting to see how my skin would react to the travel to Taipei after trying out Physiogel. But the norm did not happen at all, my skin did not feel taut, there wasn’t any flaking of the skin, no more facial itchiness and my skin did not even feel dry at all in the mist of winter.

I really love that my skin feels soft especially after cleansing with the facial cleanser which is my favourite out of the 3 products. You can use the cleanser by itself without the use of water. In some countries where water is not treated properly, it can be a cause of skin sensitivity to the skin. So a cleanser that need not have to use with water sounds pretty good for me.

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During this 14 day trial, I was also provided with a skin moisture analyser. It shows that moisture level of my skin is improved from 11.9% to 23.7% in less than 14 days. 🙂

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Go now!

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