Packing and Tidying Your Home for Christmas and New Year

Packing and Tidying Your Home for Christmas and New Year

With Christmas and New Year just round the corner, it’s the time of the year to pack and tidy our homes again. As homemakers, we will want an orderly, uncluttered home when friends and relatives come knocking. However, given that most of us have our own day job, packing and tidying up our homes each evening can be a real chore, especially after a hard day’s work. Still it’s a task we need to complete and I hope these tips will help…


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Get Your Husband and Children to Help

Whoever says that packing and cleaning is a women’s job. Perhaps it was in the past, when women are full time homemakers. But today, we have our own career and are equally exhausted by the time we reach home. Our husbands should thus understand and hence chip in to do their fair share of house work. And the children should help out too. It’s after all the school holidays and helping out around the house is good training for the kids; it prepares them well for adulthood.


Assign Roles to Each Helper

Now that you have gathered your army of helpers (husband and kids), it’s time to assign them roles. The kids can, perhaps, be in charge of packing and cleaning their own rooms with the remainder of the house left to your husband and you.


Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

When packing, follow this simple rule; if an item is not needed for an entire year, get rid of it. I know this can be difficult but think of the unnecessary clutter in your home if you continue your hoarding ways. The worst time to get sentimental over your items is during packing; it delays the whole process and it is likely you will end up with a home still cluttered, come Christmas.


Donate or Hold a Garage Sale

Rather than throwing away your unwanted items, why not donate them instead? You can consider donating to the Salvation Army or any other charity of your choice. And if you have bulky furniture or appliances to donate, the Salvation Army provides a collection service. But don’t abuse their service; make sure your pre-loved items are in good condition before donating.


Packing for Storage

When going through your items, there may be things you will wish to pack for medium to long term storage. If so, it is very important that you pack room by room, taking care to place individual parts of larger items together so that you will not have misplaced parts in future. Be sure too that all items are labelled clearly before placing them in containers. This will make retrieval of items a lot easier in future. I personally found these packing tips, provided by very useful.


Start Early

A good time to start packing and cleaning up is by the first week of December. This is especially so since many of us have our full-time day job and can only devote the evenings to housework.


Remember the Pain

When packing and discarding unwanted items, remember the pain you go through each year to get your house ready for the holiday season. Why? So that the next time you are tempted to buy something unnecessary, recall this pain and restrain yourself. Shopping is fun, but clearing the clutter from your home is certainly not.


So there you have it, my simple tips on packing and tidying your home for Christmas and the New Year. Do you happen to have some tips of your own? If so, why not share them by commenting below. I would love to hear from you and I’m sure my readers would too.



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