Nila Essence Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Tonic Review

Nila Essence Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Tonic Review

I have been concern more about my hair lately. Hair is usually not much of my concern at all during my younger days and I don’t even comb my hair most of the time. I guess I kind of take it for granted having straight and strong hair previously. Especially after childbirth, my hair really dropped by a lot and the thinning of my hair motivated me more to start looking after the health of my scalp and hair.

As I get older, I realised my scalp became more and more oily. Thus with a lot of clogged pores on my scalp I start to drop more hair. Hair thinning can make you look a lot older so this became one of my concerns nowadays.

I have been looking around for some hair products that can control my hair fall and regain a healthier scalp.

I have been trying Nila Hair products out. Nila is a Singapore company and I love supporting local brands and businesses.

Nila Essence Hair Tonic Singapore Review

This are some of their products above.

Nila Essence Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

Nila Essence Tranquil Conditioner

Nila Essence Anti-Damage Hair Protector

Nila Essence Anti-Frizz Conditioning Hair Mist

Nila Essence Hair Tonic

Nila Essence Hair Tonic Singapore Review

Nila Essence Hair Tonic Singapore Review

Nila Essence Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and the Nila Essence hair tonic is my 2 favourite products. Both of them left a minty tingling sensation after using.

Though since the Anti Hair Loss shampoo does not contain wax that will clog the pores on the scalp, the hair felt a bit dry after washing. So after using this shampoo, I do have to put on a large amount of conditioner at the ends for easy combing. I also use this shampoo on a alternate day basis as it is great for my oily scalp.

Nila Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is enriched with Panthenol, Silk Protein and Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils to help stimulate hair growth and strengthen the root shafts to prevent hair loss.
It conditions and protects against daily environmental stress that could result in hair loss and works to restore hair thickness, balance the scalp and promote a healthy scalp circulation.

The natural pleasant scent of the essential oils will gently de-stress when you are washing your hair.

Contains 500ml at $54.

Nila Essence Hair Tonic Singapore Review

The other product that I would like to recommend from the Nila Hair range is the Nila Hair Tonic.

Nila Hair Tonic is a revitalizing hair tonic with volumizing and densifying actives to enhance hair density and reduce frizz for smooth, silky and healthy hair.
It contains natural premium active ingredients and 100% pure essential oils (Rosemary, Camellia and more) that not only promotes hair growth, it will also improve oily scalp and blood circulation, combat dry itchy scalp and dandruff, and fights alopecia areata, head lice, viral and bacterial infection etc.

I really like the minty tingling feeling it leaves that goes on for about 10 minutes after application. The tingling feeling is much stronger as compared to the Anti Hair Loss shampoo which is quite mild.

It contains 100ml and cost $42.

Nila Essence Hair Tonic Singapore Review

After using the Nila Hair Products for about 2 weeks, my scalp became less oily and felt a lot cleaner than before. The hair also looks less dull and felt stronger compared to before. 🙂

If you would like to find out more about Nila Products, here is the link to it:

Nila Essence Hair Tonic Singapore Review



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