New Nouri Sexy Mum Cream for Slimming and Firming

New Nouri Sexy Mum Cream for Slimming and Firming


During my post natal slimming treatment series, I have talked about the Nouri’s Sexy Mum Cream and how it had helped me repel wind and reduce my water retention. It was a great product to use together with the series of slimming treatment to loose the excess fats after giving birth.

But that was the ”old” Sexy Mum Cream. Nouri now have an new improved formula with very clean cut look packaging. The slim bottles are also so much better for storage on my make up shelves.

They now have the A.M Sexy Mum Body Cream that exercise tone and uplift your skin for fat reduction and the P.M Sexy Mum Body Cream for Lymphatic Drainage and Detox.

Nouri Sexy Mum Cream

The new formula is not as spicy as the previous version. It will be great for people who doesn’t like the ”spicy” feeling too much on the skin. Though the P.M version is slightly spicy with a warming effect on the skin.

This is the A.M Sexy Mum Body Cream. Hardly felt any ”spicy” effect at all. It was milky, soft and non oily. Feels almost like a moisturiser.

New Nouri Sexy Mum Cream A.M

The P.M Sexy Mum Body Cream was a lot thicker and heavier compared to the A.M cream. It is ”spicier” and slightly oily. But it gets absorbed well into the skin after you rub it in. I find that the warm spicy sensation is not as strong and does not last as long compared to the previous version. But not being able to feel much of the burning sensation is actually not a bad thing. It didn’t bother me but I know of many people who hate it. Besides during confinement women are not suppose to use the fan or air con and it gets really hot!

The ingredients are now upgraded and better, I am sure even though I don’t feel it as much, it will still work better since this is the improved version.

New Nouri Sexy Mum Cream P.M

New Nouri Sexy Mum Cream

plastic pump bottle

You must be wondering what’s that green colour bottle beside the sexy mum cream right?

It is actually new launched essential oil from Nouri.

essential oil nouri

I super love this product. For those that know me, you will know that I worked very hard and some times I had to see so many different people and be at so many places rushing from one place to another. Life is constantly at a very fast pace for me so sometimes during the night, my brain is still in the full gear mode that I couldn’t wind down to get to sleep.

In shorter words, it was stress that I was feeling. It was really annoying not being able to sleep although I am really tired and I know there is still much to do the following day. ARGGHHHHH!!!

So just 2 drops of this amazing liquid it can soothe me and calm me down. I just rub it on the temples of my head and then rub my hands together with the rest of the oil and put it over my nose and smell it. The weird thing is that the smell wasn’t even strong at all. Just a very faint smell of flowers. My previous experience with essential oil has been strong smelling stuffs usually.

I even get tempted sometime to put it on my mother when she start nagging non stop at me. Hahaha!

I do put it on my hubby whenever he gets stressed out too. Good things must share right? 🙂

essential oil nouri

So yeah, prior to trying this product out… I seriously don’t believe the effects and benefits of essential oil as I just thought that essential oils are just great smelling stuffs to make your nose ”happy” so it tricks your brain with the smell that it reminds you of and then create that ”happy” or ”calming” effect with the brain.

But I am really surprised that Nouri’s Essential Oil have little or no smell actually works wonders, calming me and letting me fall asleep easily.

If you are curious to know more about the Sexy Mum Slimming Cream or to try out this essential oil.

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