My Aircon broke down


My Aircon broke down

“Oh no! My aircon is not working. I have been relying on it for a good night sleep and sweet dreams.” Looking at the brighter side, it broke down in the cooler month of December instead of the hotter months.

While searching for an aircon repair technician, I came across the website of Aircon Servicing Singapore. It is a website which provides useful aircon information like “Why is your aircon leaking?”, “Why is your aircon not cooling the room effectively?”, “Is it healthy to exercise in an aircon room?”, “What is the ideal aircon temperature for your room?”, “Is it beneficial to have a purifier and humidifier in an aircon room?”, “What are the general rates or prices for various aircon services?”, “What are the common aircon problems?” and other information on aircon maintenance – general aircon servicing, aircon chemical cleaning, aircon steam cleaning, aircon overhaul. After reading many pages of the website, I decided to try their services and made an appointment with them to repair my aircon.

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On the day of repair, I was greeted with a courteous aircon technician. He performed some checks on the aircon with his tool kit and told me that the aircon’s circuit board was spoilt. He took a picture of the circuit board and changed it the following day. He also performed chemical cleaning on-site and rinsed it thoroughly with his steam cleaning equipment. It is common for aircon technician to perform either chemical cleaning or steam cleaning but not both on the same day. As such, I asked him why steam cleaning was carried out immediately after the chemical cleaning. He patiently explained that, if there is any chemical solution trapped in the aircon internal components, the components will corrode. As such, he performed the steam cleaning immediately after the chemical wash to thoroughly rinse the chemical solution away and prevent the corrosion of aircon internal components. He added that the steam also disinfects the aircon and improves the air quality.

I am very pleased with their aircon repair work and will surely call them up for future aircon maintenance. I would recommend them. Visit their webite at to find out more.




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