The Mega Flea Market 7

  Biggest indoor Flea Market Event coming up in Singapore Expo! Don’t miss this if you love bargains and shopping… The Mega Flea Market 7 Be part of the largest indoor flea market in Singapore@ Expo in June 2012. There will be many big companies, seasoned vendors and young entrepreneurs participating. Everyone, young and old will surely find something there …

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Youtube War Singaporeans getting angry with American Fadedholysoldier

  Many of you must have heard about or seen Singapore’s recent Aaron Tan youtube video of this 18 year old boy using very ”ah being” language threatening a 14 yr old boy for stealing his girlfriend. My friend recently showed me his video and I kind of got bored watching this long video towards the end bit. In my …

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  SMRT is probably the hottest topic for the past 1 week with all the break downs and the increased Taxi surcharge…etc. I am here to share a video that would definitely make you laugh. All the news and every one on Facebook was talking about SMRT. It was rather weird when I saw many Singaporeans worried to take the …

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