Micro Infusion Botox Facial with Micro Needling Evolved to Micro Channeling

Micro Infusion Botox Facial with Micro Needling Evolved to Micro Channeling 

What is Micro Infusion Botox Facial / Micro Needling now evolved to the new Micro Channeling?

Micro needling and derma rollers are known for great results in terms of skin regeneration as it is a very effective way to stimulate collagen and growth of new cells for the skin. But Microneedling actually causes unnecessary damage with longer recovery time while derma rollers causes irregular channels so it is less effective. So lets put Micro needling and derma rollers behind us and embrace the new micro channeling also known as micro infusion.

Microinfusion is a procedure (also known as the Aquagold Fine Touch Treatment) that uses tiny needles (0.5mm titanium micro needles that are finer than a strand of human hair plated in 24K Carat Gold) to create channels in the surface of the skin allowing microdroplets of treatment to be infused. … When the needles are pressed into the epidermis of the skin, the infusion flows out in small droplets.

What are the infusion solution? 

The 24k gold-tipped revolutionary micro channeling deposit a customised scrumptious elixir cocktail blend of small molecule hyaluronic acid fillers, botox-like hexapeptides, anti-oxidants, growth factors, stem cells and vitamins which we can tailor specifically to target your skin issues increasing the absorption rate by 300% equivalent to doing 500 facials!

The treatment is painless with no downtime.

Ingredients like the botox-like hexapeptides are only infused to the superficial layer of the skinwhich can immediate minimize pores, improve your skin quality, hydration, and create a beautiful glow.

What are the infusion solutions products that can be tailored? 

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): works wonders for a subtle increase in volume and improvement in skin hydration, while also decreasing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Antioxidants — antioxidants help protect your skin from the free radical damage which causes your skin to age. They help sun damage and inflammation as well as help to stimulate collagen production in your skin. Examples of antioxidants include Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Retinol (Vitamin A).
  • Peptides — peptides are another building block of your skin. Use of peptides also helps revitalize your skin.
  • Growth factors — EGF are Epidermal and dermal fibroblast growth factors which are great for aging skin. They heal damage skin and kick-start collagen production which improves your skin and reverses skin aging.
  • Arbutin – lighten dark sun spots and brighten the overall complexion
  • Stem Cell – regenerative and wound healing properties
  • Vitamin C – helps with brightening.

Why is this treatment called a Botox Facial? 

Main ingredients of the infusion solution has Acetyl Hexapeptide which is a Botox-like peptide for lifting and firming effect of the skin. This is not the poisonous botox toxin that doctors inject into face muscles to relax and paralyse underlying muscles. This is a Botox-like peptide used on the superficial skin that will minimise pores and diminish wrinkles like the effect of botox. So this treatment will not effect your facial muscle movement.

How long does MicroBotox last?

The length of time results last will vary from one to the next, but most people experience results lasting 3-4 months.

How does Micro-Botox facial infusion work? 

Micro Infusion Facial helps to also increase the growth of collagen in your skin. stimulates your skin to make more collagen in two ways. First, the concentrated tailored ingredients used for your Micro Infusion Facial will promote your skin to make new collagen. Second, the device used during the procedure actually stimulates your skin cells to produce brand new collagen.

During Micro Infusion Facial, the very fine hollow needles deliver the serum at a specific depth into the dermis (top layer) of your skin precisely where they are needed. Your skin will only be pink for about an hour or so after a Micro Infusion Facial. There is no bleeding with our Micro Infusion Facial.

Micro Infusion Facial can:

  • Minimize large pores
  • Help sun damage
  • Plump your skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrate dry skin
  • Smooth rough skin texture
  • Brighten dull skin tone
  • Lighten some dark spots
  • Increase firmness of skin
  • Reduce flushing from rosacea
  • Reduce oil production in the skin

We can see immediate reduce of pore size and below is a nice video of showing you what this is all about and why you should be getting this done to pamper your skin with a boost.

24k gold micro infusion micro channeling Botox facial

This is now the most cost-effective and comfortable procedure utilizes the body’s natural healing response and stem-cell growth factors to produce new collagen and elastin – resulting in firmer, healthier skin.

Micro Infusion Botox Facial Training Course Fee:

Online Training Video + Kit = $430 USD / $599 Singapore Dollars

Live Training in Jakarta only + Live Model Practice =  $800 USD / $1088 Singapore Dollars

Certificate awarded completion of course with world wide accreditation for insurance 

Course Duration: 1 day

Training Hours: 5 Hours

Training Kit includes: (worth $380)

– Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

– Vitamin C

– EGF Growth Factor Serum

– PDRN ingredients Serum

– Arbutin Brightening & Balancing Serum

– ‘’Botox-like’’ Hexapeptide Anti-aging & Lifting Serum

– Centella Asiatica Soothing & Repair Serum

– After Care Regime

This treatment and live training is only available at LUSH CLINIC JAKARTA (www.lushclinic.id) @lushclinic.id

Ruko Cordoba Blok B No 8.
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta, Indonesia

Tel: 0215 6983673
Whatsapp: +62 812 8635 8899

Monday – Sunday (11am – 9pm)


For Wholesale of Products or Serums for micro infusion / micro needling / Derma rollers / BB Glow or online video training are available to purchased by paypal: http://beautyrecipe.com.sg/stayve-bb-glow-mts/

*Please note that prices on website does not include international shipping yet. For Singapore, shipping is free for local delivery

We have training academy based in Singapore, Jakarta and Ireland for Micro infusion courses. Online Video course option also available for students outside of Jakarta.

For appointment booking and course enquiry call hotline: whatsapp +65 9859 3982

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