Meridian Ziptrack Automatic Motor Curtains Blinds Singapore

Meridian Ziptrack Automatic Motor Curtains Blinds Singapore

Everytime I wanted curtains for my home, office, shops..etc. I have used Meridian Curtains & Furnishings because they have been reliable and consistent in their good services over the years. Below is an article on my blog previously which I wrote about how to go about choosing the right curtains and blinds in Singapore taught to me by them when I moved into my first home back in 2015.

How to Choose the Right Curtains and Blinds in Singapore

Now they have a new updated cool version of blinds and curtains which can be made automatic. So cool right? No need to get up to even roll the blinds and put up/down of the curtains anymore. Embrace technology and be the cool kid in town!

Meridian Ziptrack – Easy to maintain and extremely durable and lasting. They use a high-end quality US fabric material which are made with Polyester and Fibre Glass. It provides perfect balance of light, beauty and comfort making them the perfect solution for both residential and commercial spaces. It is designed to shade the biggest balconies or patios around. It can hold up in windy conditions and Meridian Ziptrack ensures that it doesn’t rattle.

Meridian Ziptrack were made to deal with extreme weather conditions which are easy to operate as well, they had spent time to improve and further refine the design and their system to give their customers a very reliable and functional Ziptrack for general weather protection in Singaporeans homes. A more reliable system that helps achieving a smoother Ziptrack operation.

This system is one of the toughest in the market. It will shield your family and furniture from the harmful effects of UV Rays, heat, rain, insects and their related diseases such as dengue. You can enjoy natural ventilation and reduces the need to run the air-conditioning. It is also built to block out rain, wind, haze and debris which is often an issue for outdoor areas.

Meridian always ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing high – quality local made motors here in Singapore, to demonstrate our commitment to quality of our motor we provide customers with a five year-year warranty in all mechanisms and motor.


If you are considering and looking for something like this why not give them a call and let them show you how it works and get more in depth understanding how it could make you a very happy guy with this Meridian Ziptrack!


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