Mega Flea Market 7 @ Expo (1-3 June)


Can’t wait to join this event! My Beauty Recipe has also booked a store at the Mega Flea Market 7 too. We will be selling awesome products at awesome prices and offering express manicure with nail art at the flea market. Look out for us at store L07 if you are heading down this weekend.

Something New: The organisers have included a mini amazing race for shoppers to participate in so as to add an element of vibrancy to the event. Shoppers just need to search for 5 simple items (that they want you to look for) and get to take home $200 CASH! These 5 items can be found in 5 of the stalls in the whole hall.

I have prepared myself to shop like crazy there too. Hurry down before all the bargains are bought.



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