Where to Rent Affordable Good Quality Dresses/Gowns?

Where to Rent Affordable Good Quality Dresses/Gowns?

Remember that Beautiful ”Ostrich” Flare Fluffy Dress that I wore to Mrs Singapore 2014 Pageant event?


It was sponsored by by Rent a gown

Do you usually get bothered about having nothing new to wear and having to go buy new expensive dresses/gowns to attend events/weddings so you could look nice and take lots of photos which most likely will be tagged on social medias like Instagram and Facebook by your friends? But you do not want others to see that you are rotating the same few formal dresses the whole time?

Here I am, offering you another solution to your troubles where you can find good quality, beautiful dresses at SUPER affordable prices. Both to rent or to buy if you wish to.


www.rent-a-gown.sg have so many beautiful dresses and evening gowns. I was compelled to give them a call after seeing the beautiful dresses and gowns they had on their website. When I saw what they had at the showroom, I knew I will be overly spoilt for choices as their dresses they had there at the showroom was much more than what they had on their online website. I did not know where to start and how to choose?

The owner Steven was really nice, he recommended dresses that will suit me and the type of event that I will be going to. He suggested something short and cute as a judge for Mrs Singapore 2014 Pageant. I am like a happy doll overwhelmed by all these beautiful dresses when I was trying the final dress choices one by one. There was really too many dresses to try on and I could definitely spend the whole day there.

Let me show you some of the dresses that I tried on and their VERY REASONABLE rental and selling prices for comparison.


Dress 1

Rental – $80

Selling Price – $150


Dress 2

Rental – $150

Selling Price – $350


Dress 3

Rental – $60

Selling Price – $130


Dress 4

Rental – $120

Selling Price – $280


Dress 5

Rental – $180

Selling Price – $380


Dress 6

Rental – $130

Selling Price – $310


Dress 7

Rental – $210

Selling Price – $450





Dress 8

Rental – $160

Selling Price – $330

See I never bluff you, price is super good right? And the material and quality is superb. Look at the close up photo of the dress.

high quality dresses for rent sale singapore

When I checked with other dresses and gowns rental companies something like that would easily cost me almost double the price tag. Now I know where to go to rent a dress for my next event. 🙂 No more wasting money buying expensive dresses that I will seldom wear for special events.

Thank you www.rent-a-gown.sg


15% off for ALL dress rental and purchase. Just quote ”Jessie myfatpocket” to enjoy your discount when you call them.

It will be great if you could share with me photos of the dresses/gowns you got from them too. Just private message your photo to me on Facebook. Have fun!

Me and the owner Steven who happen to attend Mrs Singapore 2014 Pageant too

Hotline: (+65) 63923495, Message/WhatsApp: (+65) 96283419

Email:   service@rent-a-gown.sg

Address:  7500A Beach Road, The Plaza #02-343, Singapore 199591 (view the Google Map here)

Website: www.rent-a-gown.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rentagownSG