Are You Looking for Best Deal for Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

Are You Looking for Best Deal for Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

You will be amazed how a well balance eyebrow makes a difference to how you look overall. Especially if you believe in face reading(fortune from your facial features), eyebrows are actually very important in regards to the flow of wealth on your face.

I am sure you have probably read many eyebrow embroidery reviews prior to this one online from many other bloggers. Their impressive photos of how beautiful the interior design of the shop is followed by how lovely they have been treated and how their eyebrows look before and after the eyebrow embroidery then probably ending with a 10-15% discount code at the end of the blog article. While you are pondering at the back of your mind wondering if eyebrow embroidery could really be painless and if you too should have your eyebrows redesigned and create a nice set of eyebrow that suits your face shape. You should because you will never regret how much time you could save.

Anyway I am not going to bore you with a long and wordy blog post. I am going straight into the point why you should choose Beauty Recipe and feel safe by leaving your eyebrows to us. 🙂

best eyebrow embroidery review singapore

6D Korean Nano Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore Best

Hi my name is Jessie, a Singaporean owner this award winning beauty blog and the creator of Beauty Recipe. That’s my photo above by the way…. Having an European style more arched eyebrows, they were done over 1 year ago and still there looking very natural. Although I might want to get a straighter Korean style brows next when it’s time for my touch up later on. Well, that is the beauty of Semi-Permanent makeup nowadays because you can get it change to the latest trend since they last around 1 year plus. The organic pigment colors used are from Korea made with plants and herbs therefore it will not cause harm to skin or color change overtime.

 Since 2007, I fell in love with the art of semi permanent makeup in Korea and stayed there for 2 years. Even now, every year I would go back there for more trainings and upgrades to find out about the latest techniques and products. Influenced by my mum – my hero who is in the beauty line for over 30 years imparted me with the love for beauty motivated me to build a team of well trained, skilled and quality therapists to create natural and yet lasting semi-permanent makeup here in Singapore.

Beauty Recipe started off as a home based salon with a humble beginning serving clients with satisfaction as priority back in 2009. I am utterly grateful for the love and support of all the customers over the years, we now have 3 outlets(Jurong East & Marine Parade & Orchardgateway), a govenment approved training academy and over few thousands of customers in our portfolios.  I am very blessed to have the team of therapists like my ‘sisters’ sharing the dream with me since the beginning at Beauty Recipe.

We are most well known for our Signature Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery which you can hardly tell the difference from your real eyebrow hair. 🙂

The whole customer experience is important during the treatment as well, which is why the best numbing cream and methods are used to ensure the comfort of all our customers. Feel free to fall asleep during treatment or don’t be annoyed by our caring therapists if they kept on asking you if you could feel anything? Haahaa 🙂

With focus on the Most Natural Soft Comfortable Human Eyelash Extensions in Singapore, we also have lash, Nails, hair removal and other beauty services available as well.

Below is a photo of my previous eyebrows before I did my eyebrow embroidery that is barely there with no tip or ends. You see what I meant by eyebrows are so important and could make such a difference. I really love how much time I saved not having to draw my brows everyday.

6D Korean Nano Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore Best before

Nothing speaks louder than some examples the BEFORE and AFTER pictures. 

best eyebrow embroidery review singapore

best eyebrow embroidery review singapore

best eyebrow embroidery review singapore

best eyebrow embroidery review singapore

best eyebrow embroidery review singapore

best eyebrow embroidery review singapore

best eyebrow embroidery review singapore

best 6d eyebrow embroidery tattoo singapore

This is the latest pic of me with Eyeliner Embroidery and 6D eyebrow embroidery touch up done by Jade at Jurong East Outlet. Added thickness and making the shape of the brows straighter for more of the Korean Eyebrows look. 🙂

If you have any questions or problems you want to ask regarding eyebrows you can whatsapp me at 9859 3982 or email to with a photo of your eyebrows, I am happy to give you a free consultation and some recommendations. Whether it is touching up, reshaping, color change correction or eyebrows done recently but not up to your satisfaction I will try my best to see what I can do for you.

Or you can call our main line at 6702 3062 if you would like to book a no obligatory free eyebrow designing session with Beauty Recipe. If after consultation and you do not like the design there won’t any sulky face or uncomfortable stare. No gimmicks or hard selling of packages at Beauty Recipe. Customers satisfaction is of outmost importance.


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