Locksmith to the Rescue

Locksmith to the Rescue

Have you ever been locked out of your house, either because you left your keys inside your house or lost your keys? There is no problem if you have a set of spare keys or your family member can return to open the door. What if the most unlikely situation occurs? You are home alone and your family members are overseas. You are denied access to your home!

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Stay calm and see if you can reach the keys from outside, via your windows or other openings. If it is too dangerous or not reachable, you may wish to call a locksmith to open your door. It is important to get a trust worthy and reliable locksmith as he would gain access to your home. How to get a trust worthy locksmith?

Call your friends and relatives to check if they have a tried and tested locksmith which they usually go to. A good locksmith should be able to open all kinds of locks including safe box’s lock. Such quality locksmith may not be cheap. If you need the locksmith service urgently at night or during weekend, please be prepared to pay at least 50% more. Other than opening locks, locksmith also repairs locks and duplicate keys.

For those who are forgetful or tend to leave their keys behind or lose them, they may wish to upgrade their conventional locks to digital locks which do not require any keys. Many digital locks in Singapore use biometric information like your finger prints to unlock the door. Sometimes digital lock has its own set of problem and you will have to approach the locksmith who is well-trained in opening and repairing digital lock.

Besides door lock, car owners may need the service of a locksmith specializing in car locks when they lock their car keys in the car. However, this problem may not happen to the newer cars. With recent technological advancement, the new keyless car entry system in new car has a special feature which prevent the keyless remote control from being locked in your car. As such going forward, car locksmith may have less request for opening car door. Their service to open car door may only be needed when your keyless remote control is not functioning properly and you do not have a spare remote control to open the car. Their main service may evolve to duplication of car keys.



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