Let your past go and welcome your new beginning

Let your past go and welcome your new beginning

Some people told me that they view me as a rather successful and well accomplished female entrepreneur. I might seem to be self-assured and confident when it comes to dealing with work and business but when it comes to friends, family and relationships I am extremely soft and sometimes I hate myself for being so emotional.

There are many female professionals, capable business women who are often seen as formidable opponents in and out of the board rooms, in business and as fierce negotiators. However, often when they transit from being a married couple to single woman they might find suddenly, that the self-esteem is completely gone.

Self-esteem and reduced self-confidence affects every area of our lives and if not dealt with quite speedily, can be quite fatal. We must learn how to rebuild our self-esteem which is one of the keys to moving on successfully after the trauma of a long-term relationship breakdown or divorce and reconnecting with our feminine power.

  1. Accept your situation

Acknowledged to yourself  that you are not being married to your spouse anymore. Regardless the reason of your breakup, you need to find peace from within. Treat this failed marriage as a life learning experience and stay positive.

     2. Never beat yourself up

Never blame yourself. It is not your fault or anyone’s fault as no one get married with the thinking of breaking up and failing the marriage. I am sure you have tried your best. Sometimes it is just not meant to be and ending it could be a good thing for a new beginning and a new life for both parties.

3. Stop thinking of the past

The past has gone, so dwelling on it will not make it any better. What happened has already happened and been done. What you wish could have happened, did not happen and will not happen. So thinking of all these is pointless and will you will not achieve anything out of it.

4. Concentrate about what you like about yourself.

Remind yourself about how awesome you are, and that you’re okay and everything will be alright. You are always stronger than what you think. It will feel strange at first but the more you keep doing this, the more it becomes your reality. I won’t pretend it is easy because it is not. It takes time to heal so don’t be too hard on yourself. You have to make the conscious decision to encourage yourself daily. The image you have about yourself is often how other people will perceive about you.

Life is still wonderful no matter what. Focus on the good things in your life. It might be your parents, siblings or children or career or even your pet dog. Take up a hobby, do the things that you had always wanted to go do but never find time or had the courage to come around to do. Anything that make yourself feels positive and good.

After all going through divorce is never easy so remember to find a good divorce lawyer in Singapore so that you know that you are in good hands while not having to worry so much about divorce procedures and you can concentrate on your personal and emotional well being.



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