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Tutorial Video: Smokey eye with Laneige Multi Professional Shadow Blog Review



Today, I am introducing the Laneige Multi Professional Shadow by doing a Easy smokey eyes effect very suitable for Asian eyes… This is a night time make up. Great look for clubbing!
This is my first post and my first time recording a video so I felt a little strange and weird.
But hope you like it 🙂
Step 1 – Use a eye shadow sponge to line your top eye lid close to your eyes with the darkest color(black)
Step 2 – Then apply the 2nd darkest color(Grey) and apply it on the eye lid above the black
Step 3 – Blend the colors with a blending brush
Step 4 – Apply the blue eye shadow on top of all your colors and then the white on your brow bone to create more depth of your eyes
Step 5 – Apply again the darkest color on the outer corner of your eyes where the hollow of your eyes are and then blend again altogether with brush to soften the look
Step 6 – Line your whole eyes(top and bottom) with a brown eye liner. Bottom line try to make it a litter thicker than usual
Step 7 – Use mascara, try a few coatings on both top and bottom lashes to make them longer because you want to emphasize your eyes or you can just use fake long lashes
Step 8 – Remember to draw your eye browns with the brown eye brown pencil. (Sorry I miss this part out in the video)
Comments on the product:
This 4 color shadow platte is with 3 best matched colors for the beauty of Asian women(that’s what they advertise). As Asian eyes are rather flat, smokey eyes look are not easy to achieve compared to the Caucasians which had deep set eyes so choosing the right colors for Asian smokey eyes is very important. Laneige Multi Professional Shadow had made it so easy to create the Hollywood celebrity smokey eye look.




  1. omg! babe.. that eye make up is good! i have alw wanted to know how to to draw smokey eyes!! 😀 Thanks, i will try it myself sometime this week! (: n i will get the eye shadow shade soon!

  2. Hey Jessie, i don't wear make up, but good job. U gave very detail instructions, which is a great thing to do. )

  3. Your site is pretty cool, i have emailed my friends with the site.

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