Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Semi Permanent Mascara Singapore

Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Semi Permanent Mascara Singapore


I am super excited to bring this Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Semi Permanent Mascara service into Singapore that is the latest craze in the wacky world of eyelashes. Huge in the US and Europe right now as many Hollywood celebrities has forgo eyelash extensions to do this instead now. Many Beauty Recipe clients are so in love with their natural lashes effect and their friends couldn’t believe that this isn’t eyelash extensions!

With our Singaporean hectic schedule sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to maintain monthly upkeep of the eyelash extensions to fill up the gaps when it drops. A little bit troublesome while being careful when cleaning away eye makeup or going for facial when wearing eyelash extensions. As for me, I have the habit of sleeping face down on my pillow and rubbing my eyes so this service can really be an alternative to have gorgeous celebrities lashes.

For those who do not do eyelash extensions, you can also throw away your eyelash curlers and false lashes with the latest Keratin Lash Lift Enhancement Eyelash Treatment and Semi Permanent Mascara that gives you that natural looking lift that lifts and protects your lashes from the root giving you an illusion of length and volume.

Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Semi Permanent Mascara Singapore

What is Keratin Lash Lift Protect?

Keratin Lash Lift Protect is not a perm and doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals (no parabens or formaldehyde).  An advance formulation eyelash enhancement technique done by using a setting serum that allows for perfect positioning of the lashes to straighten your natural lashes at the root (making them look curled up) and then your lashes are tinted and darken with pigment infusion keratin nourishing and  conditioning that coats and protect the lash from damage making them look healthy and glossy.

Lash Lift Protect is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities. It is a low maintenance lash solution for clients as results lasts up to 12 weeks (which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash). Using your own lashes, lash lift open ups your eyes instantly to make your lashes look doubled or tripled in amount in length and volume.

Suitable for both long and short lashes. Completely painless process of around 20 mins – 30 minutes duration.


There is no need of any maintence at all! You don’t have to do anything special with your lashes in between lifts. You can put on eye makeup, mascaras, eye creams, go swimming/sauna/hot yoga/active lifestyle, rub your eyes and do anything you want as they are your natural lashes.



We recommend that Keratin Lash Lift Protect can be done together with our Semi-Permanent Mascara to further add volume and length to your lashes.

Lash lift + mascara Effect

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.22.01 PM


Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Semi Permanent Mascara Singapore

 Semi Permanent Mascara 

Semi-Permanent Mascara is a revolutionary lash coating specially formulated to add volume and length to your eyelashes that stays on your lashes for 4 weeks or more without harming the lashes is now available in Singapore at Beauty Recipe.

Only a 15 minutes treatment. Semi-Permanent Mascara will leave you with fuller, thicker, darker looking lashes.

Pharmaceutical grade flexible lash coating with a similar effect to that of mascara that is smudge-proof and waterproofed. Semi Permanent Mascara is hypoallergenic which is very safe for the eyes. Free of Formaldehyde, Analine, Carcinogens and Heavy Metals.

BEST THING is that Semi Permanent Mascara can be use on both upper and lower lashes and also over Eyelash Extensions extending bond for another 1-2 weeks. The perfect solution for your lower lashes which prevents lower lash clumping or smudging, enhancing both the lower lashes and lash line. Open your eyes with the perfect coat top and bottom. Many clients doesn’t even know that their lower lashes existed until they tried out our semi permanent mascara.

Semi Permanent Mascara can be done alone by itself or together with the Keratin Lash Lift Protect.

Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Semi Permanent Mascara Singapore


Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Semi Permanent Mascara Singapore

Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with Semi Permanent Mascara Singapore



Keratin Lash Lift Protect @ $79

Semi-Permanent Mascara @ $39 + FREE Bottom Lash Enhancement


Beauty Recipe Aesthetics Logo

Beauty Recipe is most well known for our Korean Semi Permanent Makeup Services. Our therapists are experienced, well trained and updated with the latest semi-permanent makeup every year in Korea to bring you the latest trend with the best techniques available out there to ensure customer satisfaction as our priority. Beauty Recipe is also a government approved International training provider with access to the Skills Future Credit Grant so some of our courses you are able to get some subsidies off the course fees if you are a local Singaporeans to learn latest skills. We offer this Lash Lift Course as well if you are keen to learn this.

Beauty Recipe have our own organic pigment colours from Korea, fully plant based therefore it will not cause harm to skin or have color change overtime. With focus on the Most Natural Comfortable Soft Human Eyelash Extensions in Singapore, we also have other Nails, hair removal and beauty services.

Lash lift and Semi Permanent Mascara Available at:

Outlet 1: Blk 104 Jurong East St. 13 #01-102 Singapore 600104 

Telephone: 6567 3568 (Jurong East)  

Outlet 2: Orchardgateway @ Somerset MRT(coming soon in 1 June 2017)

Telephone: 6702 3062 (Orchardgateway)  

Official Website:
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Intragram @thebeautyrecipe





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