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Job Promotion

I’m extremely happy that I have been promoted again! Twice by my company in less than 6 months. Yippie!

This is what I did when I received the promotion letter 🙂

I want to thank God, my mother, friends and everyone who had stand by me, supported me and believing in me!

All my handwork and sweats all these time is worth it. In Singapore, I think we all agree that work life is hard and very competitive. I used to have the mentality that I would be lucky just to have a job that can let me afford 3 meals a day kind of thing and never thought I could do well in any job. I am just a simple girl with no degree.

I attended a couple of motivational career talks and courses which all tells me that I have to change this kind of mindset and convince myself that if I believe it, I can achieve it. All the advice is always ”believe, believe and BELIEVE!”. What the heck, so I just do my best in everything I put my feet in and trust God. Your life is in your own hands, only you can mould it and change it. I believe if you be a genuine person, work hard and work smart, don’t be dishonest and greedy. You will surely succeed one day. Just BELIEVE in yourself and constantly seek to do better and upgrade yourself.

Of course I have many hiccups and problems along the way. It is not a smooth ride, I have many sleepless nights and countless rejections(especially in this line as a estate agent). But the key is to NEVER GIVE UP!!! You need hell lot of patience. I try to focus on the good things rather than the problems. For example, past bigger problems that I managed to solved or customers that are so thankful and appreciate what I did for them rather then the nasty ones. Feed your mind with positive things.

Though I think I did pretty well and is rather contented so far with this year’s performance but I believe can do even better. I feel humility is important too, mustn’t think that we are great already and just stop there. Always be humble and people respect that.

In case any of you out there are feeling down and having some problems with your work at the moment, I want to encourage you that there is always sunshine after the rain. Hang in there and the storm will surely be over. 🙂 God bless ya




  1. I am happy for you! =) Congratulations! =)

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