Is your child showing Terrible Twos Symptoms?

Being a first time mummy, I think probably most first time mummies are like me…Always checking the internet to google about things to check on their child. There is never ending things you would worry with your child whenever something doesn’t seem to be normal with the kid.

terrible two symptoms parenting blog singapore

Jack is 21 months old now and just few weeks ago, he started throwing tantrums and these tantrums is becoming more and more often. I thought what had happen to my little angel? Why is he changing into a devil to test my patience? Hahaa no lah… Kidding. He is not a devil. Though it is really annoying to have your kid screaming at the top of his lungs, throwing things and rolling on the floor. At home and in the public *Faint*

The first time when he suddenly ”turned” into jelly when I am holding him to escape me from carrying him then roll around on the floor crying. I was really shocked and didn’t know what to do in the shopping centre. It suddenly ringed a bell about Terrible Twos. I always didn’t really believe about this and thought that the Terrible Two is a Myth.

But few of my friends who have a few kids had told me this is ”NORMAL”! hahahaha? Great to have friends who are more experience to double check.

Rolling on the floor like a crazy person is normal? Ok ok I tried to accepted it after I spent a few days reading about Terrible Twos.

terrible two symptoms parenting blog singapore

So what is Terrible Twos?  

The terrible twos are a normal stage in a toddler’s development characterized by mood changes, temper tantrums and use of the word “no.” The terrible twos typically occur when toddlers begin to struggle between their reliance on adults and their desire for independence.


Ohhhhhh… I always thought that Terrible Two means when two or more toddlers get together they will fight and become terrible. Hahaaa… So it is more like when they get close to 2 year old they start to have mood swings. Probably like PMS. 🙁 🙁 🙁

terrible two symptoms


terrible two symptoms parenting blog singapore

I mean just look at that small happy face. Jack is usually quite cooperative. It is hard to imagine him to be terrible isn’t it? I finally realised that being a mom takes tremendous amount of patience. I find that when every month passes, the more patience I need. Sometimes I also feel like rolling around on the floor and crying with him. LoLz. 🙂

Jack had started to show Symptoms of Terrible Twos. Terrible Twos can start as early as 18 months and as late as 30 months.

So what are the Terrible Twos Symptoms? 

1. One minute a child might be clinging to mom or dad, and the next he or she is running in the opposite direction.

2. Refusals. Refuse to eat, refuse to be fed, refuse to change clothes/diapers, refuse to be touched. They can refuse ANYTHING!!!

3. Screaming at the top of their lungs and then look at your reaction.

4. Hitting their head against the wall or floor.

5. Throwing of things


terrible two symptoms parenting blog singapore



terrible two symptoms parenting blog singapore

What to do? 

The best thing to do is to keep calm and not lose your temper no matter how angry you might get, stay close to your child, and let him release his feelings. Although the first reaction is generally that you want to run away as fast as possible. A hug and a shoulder to cry on may be all that some toddlers need to feel better, while others may benefit from the distraction technique like offering him another activity or toy.

If you are in a crowded place for example in the middle of a restaurant when everyone is staring at you while trying to eat their meal, you can pick up your child and take him someplace where the two of you can sit calmly until the feelings subside.

Time-outs won’t work until he’s old enough to understand and follow rules, sometime between ages 2 and 3. Though I find giving myself time-outs help me to cool myself down. Hhahaa 🙂

Do keep consistency in educating your child what they can or cannot do. Praise your child for appropriate behaviour and minimise the use of the word NO so they know when being told No they must follow.

   terrible two symptoms parenting blog singapore

I noticed also Jack start to be more shy after showing his TTs symptoms. Here is Jack taking photo with his daddy’s cousins children. Sometimes they might feel awkward when meeting new faces. Do give them some time. They will join in the fun when they ready.

Most 2-year-olds still aren’t able to move as swiftly as they would like, clearly communicate their needs or control their feelings. rage, frustration, disappointment, jealousy and boredom can become expressed in their Terrible Twos behaviour.

Treat all their tantrums as a positive signs that they are growing up.

By accepting the changes your child is going through and showing him or her love and respect, you’ll help your child make it through this difficult stage with confidence.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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