Intensive Tummy Slimming Therapy at Nouri Face & Body Concepts


Nouri face and body concepts slimming review best slimming singapore

Okay! I’m gonna start with a selfie first… 🙂

Confidence is very important for a woman. In fact they say, 70% of the battle in what every you do has already been won if you have confidence.

Of course confidence also means having faith, believing in yourself and being well prepared in what you are doing. But looking good is also a factor that adds to the confidence level factor too.

Nouri face and body concepts slimming review post pregnancy slimming

Maintaining a slim figure is tough after child birth. It had been 6 months since Baby Jack was born. As the body had already expanded to a hippopotamus size during pregnancy, it is an easy target to weight gain. Especially the TUMMY!!! The already expanded body also means, if you are not careful… you can get fatter in no time. Therefore, these reasons had caused maintaining a slim figure extra work as compared to my pre-pregnancy days.


There are 3 conditions that are quite common among women in modern days Singapore.
  • Cellulite
  • Extra loose skin 
  • Black belly and/or belly button 


Nouri face and body concepts slimming review best slimming singapore

I am so glad that during my pregnancy, I met Valerie from Nouri Face and Body Concepts. She took care of my pre-natal and postnatal treatments during my confinement and even now 6 months after giving birth, I get to see her once every few weeks to do my slimming maintenance package. She has many slimming treatments available but my favourite has to be the Intensive Tummy Slimming Therapy.

Valerie at Nouri is a pioneer in the Post Natal industry with 16 years experience and you can find their clients testimonials on their website. I can understand why they would be the best choice for mothers who need to slim down.

Nouri face and body concepts slimming review best slimming singapore


Take a look at the short video in regards to the Slimming Treatment Commercial at Nouri of my slimming session.


Steps of Intensive Tummy Slimming Therapy


Step 1. Far infra red ray therapy – warms ups and conditions abdominal muscles, preps skin for the absorption of follow up application of essential oils and creams.

It is not as hot as a sauna or hot blanket. But a warm sensation of the light that you can feel heating up your skin in a subtle way. It is a very effective and comfortable way to open up the pores for better absorption.

Far infra red ray therapy slimming singapore



Step 2: G5 Fats Reduction therapy – breaks down stubborn fats and helps recipient to have regular bowel movement.
The machine was used together with Nouri’s SEXY MUM cream to help break down the cellulite and fat on my body. It also helped to push my body back in shape. Once the fat cells and cellulite are broken down, it can then be easily eliminated from our bodies.


Step 3. Tone & Trim therapy – mimics the frequency of sit ups to promoting the tightening of loose flaccid muscles often caused by pregnancy, age and a sedentary lifestyle.
Helps to…

– tightens loose and weak tummy muscles

– tones a saggy tummy

– regulates menstrual cycle

– aids in digestion

– effectively helps to exercise all the main muscles of the abs

Tone & Trim therapy



Step 4: Aromatherapy Slim massage and womb care – soothing massage to relieve trapped wind, aid digestion and lift a saggy womb.


The massage was very relaxing and this whole set of treatment took about 90 minutes. It was a great way for me to relax and give myself some ‘ME’ time. Forgetting about my job, having to be a mummy and forgetting who I was for 90 minutes to rejuvenate and recharge.
G5 Fats Reduction therapy



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Nouri face and body concepts slimming review

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Address: Block 462 Crawford Lane #01-53 Singapore 190462  (Close to Lavender MRT)

By appointment only. Call 9199 4189.

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