Individually Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science

Individually Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science 


It’s been a week since I had my facial done with Skin Science. My skin is still glowing with the personalised tailored customised facial they did for me. At Skin Science, they fully understand quality and effectiveness of different products on their client’s skin types. I must say I was surprised that there was a lot of sharing during the session relevant to my own skin. I have learnt a lot of new things about my own skin type. At the same time, I felt so cosy and fell into a deep sleep while pampering my skin.

Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science

When I arrived, I was greeted by 2 friendly lady bosses with big smile. I started with a personalised consultation for them to diagnose my skin type. Skin Science are so experienced and they noted my problems without me having to say much at all.

Skin problems: uneven tone, blemishes, sensitive, fine lines and dark circles.

They even asked me about the products, sun block and makeup that I was using. (not to sell me anything of course) This is so that they can see if I am using the right kind of products that is suitable for my skin. This is a great extra value added service they offer to their clients. Many of their clients went back home to take photos of the products that they are using and send it to Skin Science to check if the content is suitable for their skin and if they are using it correctly. This is a very important part to your skin health.

I love the way they do double cleansing on my face. I had my eyes closed but I felt 2 nice fluffy brushes going all over my face and the more they brush, the more foam I felt on my face. It was very different and very comfortable feeling for cleansing my face.

After their cleansing and mechanical deep cleansing, I can feel deep in my pores all the impurities are removed and my skin felt so soft and ready for the facial treatment. I remembered them trimming my brow and commenting that I have such nice brows! Hahaha HAPPY!!! 🙂

Before facial

Extractions are available and optional at Skin Science. I decided to skip it.

 As I have not done facial for a while, they suggested to do a stimulate stem cell differentiation which will help me gently exfoliate and promote new cell growth. On top of that, an intensive hydration treatment which has customized essences according to the skin type which will be applied on the face and eyes area.

    (essences used on me is mixed with : VC essences, Hydraluronic Acid essences, Eggshell membrane protein essences). Just look at the goodness of the ingredients in the tub in the photo below. 🙂
Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science
Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science
When the mask was put on me, you can see my face colour is normal but in next photo you will see my skin turning slightly red. There is no biting or discomfort feeling at all even though there is redness. The redness is there due to enhanced blood circulation and the essences being active on my skin to promote cell growth. The redness quickly will subside after the mask is being removed.
Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science
Here comes the favourite part of my facial. Always love to indulge in the facial massage. Their manual hand massage went on for so long. I fell into a deep sleep and it just feels like heaven. I feel that this is what most of the facial places lack off nowadays – A PROPER NICE FACE PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE!!! This is one of my crucial thing when I pick my places for facial.  I feel that other than improving micro circulation and restore the hydro-lipid film with the face, eyes, neck and shoulder massage. Massage technique used and comfort is so important.
Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science

After the massage, I tested out Bio stimulation – which is an oxygenic booster mask with LED light therapy for whitening, brightening and volumizing.

Our skin needs oxygen to survive and regenerate. Sun exposure, air pollution, day to day stress affect the condition of our skin.
An Oxygen facial is a booster to restore your skin back to a healthier glow.
Benefits : revitalize and hydrates, brightening, smoothes fine lines, reduce wrinkles, reduces breakouts by balancing the skin’s pH and eliminating surface bacteria, reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, volumizing.
This facial is completely customizable, depending on your skin type and need.
LED light therapy is combined with this breakthrough treatment to enhance the brightening and volumizing.
 best facial singapore best facial singapore
 To finish the facial… They nourish my face and eye area before applying volumizing lips cream and sunblock for me before I go.
Customised Facial Treatment by Skin Science
Oh Gosh! You can see a huge difference especially on my dark under eye circle improved so much after only first session. My dark spots are significantly lighter and you can see my skin look fairer and more radiant.
This facial treatment that I did cost around $240 before discount.


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Jan 15 to 28 Feb – 20% discount (from usual price) on product & services for all new customers.

For all info on their website:

150 Orchard Road

#05-13 Orchard Plaza

Singapore 238841

T: +65 6736 0331

M: +65 9789 4398



Monday to Saturday : 10:30AM – 7PM ( Last appointment
cut-off time by 7.30pm)



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