How to Shape Eyebrows Singapore

How to Shape Eyebrows Singapore

Eyebrows has become one of the main concerns for people here in Singapore nowadays. There are many ways you can trim and shape your eyebrows.  You can do it by tweezing, waxing, threading and eyebrow embroidery which is a semi permanent very popular nowadays to get the perfect eyebrows everyday without having to draw it with your eyebrow pencil.

How to shape eyebrows singapore

Before you start to get the perfectly shaped eyebrows, it’s worth thinking about your face and eyebrow shape and sizes and the type of eyebrows you have. Think about the thickness of your eyebrows.

Those with smaller foreheads might want to create more of a gap between the top of your eyebrow and the top of your forehead. This will open your face and balance your proportions so keep your eyebrows lower.

Likewise, if you have a larger forehead, keeping as much hair at the top of your eyebrows as possible will help to close that gap. It makes your eyes look higher, and will create the proportions that way.




1. Find the start and end point

No eyebrows should be the same. We need to measure in order to know where should the starting and end points be. This isn’t where you just want them to start. To make your eyebrows look natural and appealing, you’ll need to start them from a specific point in line with your nose.

You can use your eyebrow pencil for this. With the picture above, it should sit along the outside of your nose, between that and your eye. Your eyebrows will start so they are in line with the outside edge of your nose. Mark on your face where your eyebrows are going to start. You’ll then need to check the other side. It’s important that both sides are in line with each other. The last thing you want is for one eyebrow to start lower down than the other.

To find the ending point, place your eyebrow pencil back to the starting point and then pivot the top around your eye, keeping the point of your eyebrow pencil by your nose. You want to keep going until the eyebrow pencil is sitting at the outside corner of your eye, in a straight line. Mark on your face where your eyebrows are going to end.

Do this for the other side. Again, you want to make sure your eyebrows are even in height for the ending point.

2. Decide on the Thickness

eyebrow thickness singapore

Take into account the shape of your face and the colour of your eyebrows.

Thickness of your eyebrows should be what you are comfortable with and compliments you face. If you have a small face, keep it thinner than compared to some one with a bigger face area so they could get away with having thicker eyebrows.

If your own natural eyebrows are very thin, it is probably best not to go very thick so as to look more natural after you have coloured in your brows with the eyebrow pencil.

3. Shape the Arch

shape the arch eyebrows

Whether is it straight, rounded, slightly arched, steep arch or S-shape eyebrows, it will surely give you a different look.

Also consider the how your eyebrow bone is structured. If you have very prominent brow bone, best to give it a little more arch instead of very straight eyebrows to balance your look.

If you have a broad face with broad cheek, do create arched eyebrows which will suit you more to create a illusion of a smaller face. Straight eyebrows are more suitable for people with a long and narrow face.


4. Tidy up your Eyebrows 

eyebrow comb singapore

It is always a good habit to brush your eyebrows with a eyebrow comb upwards. If you have any strays below your eyebrow line you can trimmed it by cutting it away when necessary. Trim in the same way hairdressers do. Use your eyebrow brush to collect the ends and then use small scissors to chop across the brush, so your eyebrow hairs are all the same length.

A well shape eyebrows will definitely change your entire look and proportion your face. 🙂

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