How to Make Your Eyes Naturally Beautiful Without Surgery or Make up

How to Make Your Eyes Naturally Beautiful Without Surgery or Make up

The eyes have been called the windows to your soul.

While the eyes occupy a relatively small surface area on your face compared to other features, most women spend a disproportionately large amount of effort in beautifying them. Eyeliners, double eyelid stickers, eye shadow, highlighters and mascara are part of every woman’s arsenal to beautifying themselves.

The reason is simple: by enhancing your eyes, you can make an immense difference to your overall appearance. If you have been neglecting your eye make up, it is time to dedicate more effort to beautifying them because the difference it makes can be astounding.

What I am going to show you here is absolutely sensational. Every time I showed my friends what this enhancement did for me and they were all believers by the end of the day.

Check out the before and after pictures to be convinced:

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No these are not false eyelashes. This effect is achieved through the use of Human Hair Eyelash Extensions. While the use of authentic human hair may sound less than appealing to some, let me remind you that human hair has been widely used in cosmetics for centuries. The most convincing wigs and hair extensions are all created through the use of human hair. Of course, these are pre-treated and processed before release as products.

When I tried these human hair eyelash extensions on personally previously, I was blown away. A few reasons why these trump conventional eyelash extensions:

1. Natural

Human hair eye lash extensions look so natural that people would not be able to tell that you have enhancements on. The result: instant bright and alluring eyes!

2. Comfort

Human hair is super fine, ultra soft and comfortable to wear, therefore they will not damage or cause your real lashes to drop by weighing them down. While I tried them on, the difference in comfort levels between wearing them and conventional eye lashes is significant.

3. Durability

Human hair eyelash extensions last a lot longer compared to silk or mink lashes with a noticeable difference at 6 -8 weeks because they are the lightest lashes available. Because of thin calibre and fineness, it is acceptable to let them shed off naturally without worrying about having awkward gaps in your eyelashes. Hence there is no strict requirement to pay to remove them even after they start to drop off. On top of that, freely touching and washing your lashes are not an issue when performing your daily facial routine.

natural eyelash extension singapore one side half done




Eyelash extension different styles singapore

Eyelash extension before and after review singapore

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People are still trying to wrap their heads around this in Singapore mainly due to the rare availability and high cost while it is already quite common in Japan, Korea and even Taiwan.

Beauty Recipe is the currently the only eyelash distributor who offer human hair eyelashes in Singapore. Each of these Human Hair eyelashes are sterilised and curled, specially imported from South Korea. Prices are really reasonable and affordable too.

Beauty Recipe uses certified safe medical grade glue and remover that does not have strong smell, sting the skin or cause allergic reaction. The process is totally painless.

 Now it is so easy for anyone to have longer, thicker, darker and more voluminous lashes.

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