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Tips to get a Good House mover in Singapore

house movers singapore

Tips to get a Good House mover in Singapore It is getting closer and closer to the moving date and I am busy sourcing for a good trusted mover. There were so many moving companies out there to choose from. I have also gotten many advices from friends and family members with many sharing of their horrific experiences with me. …

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Surrounded by Flowers and Greenery


Surrounded by Flowers and Greenery I love being surrounded by greenery and flowers as it makes the air seems fresher and cooler in the mornings. Seeing the greens and the pretty flowers also makes me feel re-energised. In Singapore, this is rather rare as everywhere is so built up. Wanting to live in the forest or big open spaces with greenery …

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Christmas & Valentine Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Paint me real portrait singapore

Christmas & Valentine Gift Ideas for Him & Her CHRISTMAS & VALENTINE Gift Ideas for Him & Her – PAINT ME REAL Painting People Since 1987 Personalised High Quality Hand Painted Oil Canvas Painting Portraits Love how they drew my eyes. You can see the good canvas material is thick and strong from the close up photo above. Look …

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Before Home Design and Furniture being done

New Home design Singapore

Before Home Design and Furniture being done Just wanted to share a short life story brief of mine. I moved to the UK wanting to explore what it is like in the other side of the world in 2007. I was 21 year old then, young and curious of what the world out there is like so I took a leap …

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New Home Interior Design Pictures

Best Living hall interior design

My New Home Interior Design Pictures  We have waited for more than 3 years. The final wait is always the most dreaded because it feels like yet so close but yet so far sort of feeling. Me and hubby will be collecting the keys for the new house tomorrow. 🙂 🙂 🙂 My interior designer Mychelle from 9 Degree Design Renovation Studio have …

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Useful Website For Furniture Shoppers


As you know I have been sourcing for furniture for my new house (still waiting for letter to get keys though). I am almost done with all the basic furniture we need to get moving in first but still just putting a few more pieces of it to match the others that I bought. Sometimes I feel like tearing my …

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Here Comes the New Home Design… Soon


  My new home is about to be completed soon. Just some final touch up and can arrange for keys collection already. Maybe in August. Have been waiting for 3 years! Although I really hate the hassle of moving house again(I got so much junk to pack!) but I do look forward to a new home with my family. Not forgetting …

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8 Types of Interior Designers to Avoid

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.30.00 pm

  I will be starting a series of blog posts related to Home Stuffs under the ”House & Deco” section on my website. As our Singapore government ramped up the amount of new homes these few years, I am sure like me, many of you possibily would be getting a new home soon or planning to. I hope my series …

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Search for Better Prices at Mega Discount Store

Megastore united square cheapest electronics singapore

I am so super excited. Getting my new home key very soon. Time to buy home appliances and electronics. After looking around at different places for a while and reading online reviews of the different models of TV, washing machine, fridge, blender….etc. I already know what I wanted. As a Singaporean, it is in our blood to be constantly searching …

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