Can’t wait to visit Niks Maple Professional Clinic

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Niks Maple have four medical clinics in Singapore that provides aesthetic medical and dermatological services.  Their clinics combine prescription medicines with over 200 Niks products tailored for different skin types and problems to improve patient outcomes. They have many professional treatments available. Preventive skin ageing is a concern for me as I will be hitting the BIG 30 soon. Keeping myself …

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So amazed by my Postnatal Slimming Results


I remember it didn’t seem so long ago when I was blogging and complaining about my confinement and 30 days just flew by. My son is 1 month old now and I had just threw a full month party for him with almost 200 guests attending. As Singaporeans, we are all busy bees and there are so many beloved friends and …

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30 days Confinement!


    I am at day 10 of my 30 day confinement. Confinment are postnatal practices aimed at helping a new mum recover from the rigours of pregnancy, labour and birth. Mum and baby are said to be in confinement because they are effectively “quarantined” at home. Traditionally, they do not receive visitors apart from close family members until the confinement period is …

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Prenatal Facial @ Nouri Face & Body Concepts


It is important to have your skin taken care of even more during pregnancy as the hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy may cause you to develop: sensitive or itchy skin changes in skin colour (pigmentation) spots/ pimples/ acne broken veins chafing stretch marks Changes in the levels of hormones in your body, and changes to your immune system, …

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Prenatal Body Polish and Wrap @ Nouri Face & Body Concepts


  For those of you who are pregnant… This 2 body treatments from Nouri is a must try! Pre Natal Intensive Body Polish and the Pre Natal Organic Cocoon Body Wrap    Pre Natal Intensive Body Polish What it does for you?  Refreshing * Whitening * Smoothing * Detoxifying The body scrub is made with Green Tea which provides anti oxidants, …

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Full Sponsorship from Nouri Face & Body Concepts


I am extremely thrilled to announce that Nouri Face & Body Concepts will be my official sponsor for full prenatal and postnatal services! *drum roll*  I have decided to engage Nouri Face & Body Concepts for my pre and post natal beauty care maintenance needs. Nouri Face & Body Concepts will be providing full sponsorship for all my pre and post natal beauty …

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Prenatal Massage at the Comfort of your home with Jamu Massage Singapore


    I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and my baby weighs about 1.7kg. It is like carrying a basketball around that you could not put down. 2 weeks ago, I can still jump around and get fairly active. But I guess I won’t feel this way anymore now that I am hitting the 30 week mark and going into …

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Prenatal Massage at Nouri Face & Body Concepts


I had a 90 mins Prenatal Massage, 120 mins Signature Prenatal Facial, 60 mins prenatal polish treatment and 45 mins prenatal body cocoon treatment at Nouri Face & Body Concepts. It was so nice and relaxing, I could definitely spent my whole day there again. I love the personal touch to all their services with Valerie De Costa. Before my comments and review on their …

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