Haze Season is Coming, Mask and Air Purifier Bought? Aircon Maintained?

Haze Season is Coming, Mask and Air Purifier Bought? Aircon Maintained?

Do you still remember the haze season in 2015 which lasted till November? Did you suffer from respiratory inflammation issue during the haze season? Have you prepared yourself for the haze this year? Have you bought your mask and air purifier? Have you maintained your aircon?

Haze season in Singapore is typically between July to October. Haze is usually caused by forest fire in Indonesia. Setting the forest on fire is an economical way of clearing the forest because the cost of clearing it with machines is high. It is not only cheaper but also faster than clearing the forest with machines. However, this is illegal and the government of affected countries are trying their best to prevent forest fire.

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When the wind blow the pollutants from forest fire to Singapore, we experience the hazy condition.   We use mask, air purifier and aircon during haze season to avoid breathing in the pollutants. During this period, we tend to switch on our aircon more frequently or even the whole day. As the aircon has to handle 4 months of intensive usage, it is important for us to schedule the aircon for servicing and maintenance (preferably once in June or July and another time in September). This is to ensure that the aircon performs up to standard. You would not want the aircon to break down during the critical moments when you need it most.

If you have not performed any aircon maintenance or are not familiar with it, please read some articles on aircon maintenance like aircon chemical wash and . You may also wish to check for signs of aircon breaking down and call for aircon technician to repair it before the haze season kicks in. If you have used your aircon for many years and it is giving you some problems, perhaps it is about time to replace the aircon with a new set.

Please take note that it can be quite difficult to schedule for aircon servicing during July to September because the aircon professionals’ time slots may be fully booked in advance. As such, it is important for you to reserve the time slot for aircon servicing as soon as possible to deal with Singaporeans’ Kaisu Syndrome!




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