Hairline Embroidery with Microblading Vs MEZO Hairline Micro pigmentation


Typical Hairline Embroidery with Microblading Vs MEZO Hairline Micro pigmentation

Are you aware that any micro-pigmentation procedures have to be performed by a highly trained and qualified specialist?

Especially so for Hairline & Scalp Micro-pigmentation Procedures as major nerves and meridian points for our whole body system are on the top of our head and side where the temples are.

When a Hairline / Scalp Micro-pigmentation goes wrong, in short it is simply a lousy tattoo, which you paid a fortune for and atrociously lingers upon the unfortunate client’s head. In some cases, untrained service providers use the wrong needles coupled with unsatisfactory advice that results in an infected scalp. And for scalp and hairline tattoo, there is no way to remove with laser without killing the hair follicles making the hair balding look even worse than before. So it is extremely important to choose the right person for doing the good job with a extensive portfolio and reputation for good works.

Let us share with you the difference between typical hairline embroidery & our innovative technique.

Typical Hairline Embroidery : Giving the illusion of hair by using a tattoo machine or a micro-blade. Blading and cutting into the client’s skin in an invasive way which might result in bleeding and swelling thereafter. · Topical Numbing Cream is used in order to reduce the pain during the procedure. · Posses a higher risk of infection and requires downtime to recovery · Requires to apply after care products and avoid washing hair for 5 – 7 days. · Creates an artificial and blotchy after effect · Not suitable for Men as it leaves an a unnatural look on the hairline.

ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline Micro-pigmentation : Creates precise tiny replicated hair follicles by using a non–machinery innovated hand tool. Superficially imbed pigments onto the skin/scalp in an non-invasive way which do not bleed or swelling thereafter. · No topical numbing cream needs to be use during procedure
· Reduced risk of infection and requires no downtime. · Clients are able to wash and shampoo their hair as normal the next day without feeling any discomfort. · Creates a natural looking effect
· Suitable for both men & women

A Breakthrough in the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry. We are proud to present ΜΕΣΟ™Hairline Micro-pigmentation to you at Beauty Recipe Aesthetics Singapore


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