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Great place in JB for massage

Went into JB last weekend to celebrate a Condo deal that I had recently sold and to give my clients a big treat. To me, JB is all about durians, shopping, eating and massage! First we started with a massive durian feast for lunch. Next we went to an awesome Thai massage place which I would strongly recommend.

Nice foot wash for everyone before the massage
Location map + Address/Contacts

The place is called SOUL THAI. Very close to the 2nd link. Located just down the road from Jusco Bukit Indah shopping centre. 50RM for a 1 hr Thai massage, 95RM for a 2 hr Thai massage. That’s like $20SGD for a 1 hr massage.

Beautiful luxurious deco design
Clean comfortable massage bed for you and all your kakis
Group photo!

Guess where I am up to next after the massage?

Next is Shopping of course!!!! lol
Coffee place to rest after all the shopping

Here comes DINNER… Seafood feast at a funny name restaurant ‘’天天来海鲜‘’ (Everyday come seafood). It is full of Singaporeans! Very popular I heard. You can see from the pictures that the food is very nice. Yummmmmm

Food! hur hur hur 🙂
Fried to just the right degree. Super nice this fish.

I’m not gonna upload all the pictures coz we had like 7 or 8 dishes…

Can’t wait for a next time to JB again when I can find time. 🙂




  1. hi i was researching on activities to do in jb for a day when i chanced upon your blog. may i know where 天天来海鲜 is, please? is it expensive?


    • hello…

      sorry i was being driven around by my friend living in JB. I don’t know the road. 🙁 But it wasn’t expensive and the food is really great. Kinda miss it

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