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Many of us are guilty of excessive hair colouring and overuse of nail polish, this can affect the appearance and texture of hair and nails. Well, I am guilty of that! Which is why I am looking around for some supplements that I can take to have better hair and nails. With stress and all the junk food that I eat in my diet, taking health supplements has always been a must in my life.  While I was searching for my hair and nails supplements, I found Imedeen Hair & Nails.

Imedeen Hair & Nails is a targeted formulation of biotin, silica, zinc and B-vitamins. Just one capsule a day gives all the essential nutrients for healthy, shiny hair and nails, inside out!

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About IMEDEEN Hair & Nails

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Different Way to Care for Hair & Nails

Imedeen, renowned for its internal skincare efficacy since 1991, has now formulated a different way to care for your hair and nails – from within.

The secret to beautiful hair and nails starts under the surface in the living cells. A glossy
head of hair and strong, shiny nails are not only desirable beauty traits that make you
look and feel fabulous; they are a sign of inner health.


The Inside Story
Hair and nails are of a similar composition, primarily formed from keratin, a fibrous
structure protein. Nourishing from the inside is essential for healthy hair and
nails as nutrients needed for growth and strength are delivered through the

Why do you need to take Imedeen Hair & Nails?

While topical treatments may be effective at enhancing hair and nails on the

outside, problems with hair and nails are often due to dietary deficiencies.
Hence, targeted supplementation from the inside with Imedeen Hair & Nails
may help contribute healthy hair and nails.

Recommended Daily Intake
A daily dosage of one capsule of IMEDEEN Hair & Nails. Take with a glass of water
preferably in connection with a meal.

Ingredients and Benefits
IMEDEEN Hair & Nails helps maintain healthy hair and nails.
• Silicon (provided by silica) is a key component for healthy
hair and nails.
• Biotin contributes to hair growth and hair follicle formation.
Imedeen Hair & Nails contains 10 times more biotin than
similar supplements.
• Zinc accelerates follicle recovery and promotes nail health.
• B-vitamins work actively with Biotin, and are known for its
positive effect on hair and nails.
Imedeen Hair & Nails is lactose, starch, gluten, gelatine and
preservative free, suitable for vegetarians.

• Start now and you’ll look and feel fabulous within three to six
months of continuous use!



I have 7 sets of Imedeen Hair & Nails Twin Pack (60s x 2) to be given away to 7 readers!!!! Each box of Imedeen Hair & Nails (60s) is a 2-months supply, which means each reader will receive a 4-months supply with each Twin Pack (60s x 2) give-away. The recommended dosage is one capsule daily with a glass of water – preferably in connection with a meal.

For a chance to get this, just simply ‘Like’ Beauty Recipe on Facebook by clicking this link by the 30th of May 2013. 7 lucky winners will be hearing from me 🙂


About Imedeen
Imedeen – an anti-ageing beauty oral supplement. Imedeen’s award-winning, natural-based skincare tablets have been a worldwide favourite since 1991. Whether you’re in your 20s looking to boost radiance, in your 30s wanting to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, or combating the effects of the menopause on your skin, Imedeen has the right formulation for women and men of different ages. Recently, we added a new product – Imedeen Hair & Nails supplement to our anti-ageing range.

You can visit their website at to find out more about their exciting products!




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