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Review by Charissa Yvette

Best Eyebrow Embroidery SingaporeI’m loving my full Natural Korean Eyebrows now!~

Hello there!

It’s been so long since I’ve last posted! I’ve been really busy with life lately and am SO GLAD that I got my brows done at Beauty Recipe! I did my lash extensions with them and really loved the full, fluttery yet lightweight lashes that they’d done for me! Similarly, I wasn’t expecting any less from them for the 6D Nano Brow Embroidery (which is even better and more natural looking than the usual 3D ones), and I’m sure glad that I went ahead with them! I’d naturally uneven brows to begin with, so touching them up with makeup in the morning takes at least 10 minutes to get the right eyebrows. Now with this new set of perfectly balanced brows, I’m able to do all my makeup under 15 minutes, or even less than that if I’m opting for a very natural look. I absolutely love my new brows and will definitely be going back to Beauty Recipe to touch up my brows in 6-12 months’ time. If you’re interested, Lisa was the beauty aesthetician who did my brows at Beauty Recipe. She’s really very experienced and definitely has a great eye for detail!

Best Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

Here’s a brief close up of my natural eyebrow. It is quite full in the middle, but touch ups are needed for some bare areas (front and back) to make both brows look even fuller for an overall youthful look. Eyebrow Embroidery technique will help me to re-shape it to make it more defined. Defined Eyebrows are important and will make a big difference. Lisa told me that straighter and more defined brows will make my face look more demure.

Best Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

Beauty Recipe’s numbing creams are really good! I felt close to no pain when I’d my brows done! Numbing cream had to be on for about 20-30mins as I had forewarned Lisa at Beauty Recipe of my ultra low tolerance of pain. 😛


Best Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

A brand new sterilized blade! This is so important as this will be the blade used directly on your skin. Beauty Recipe takes the necessary precautions for the safety and well being of their customers 🙂

Best Eyebrow Embroidery SingaporeBefore Session #1

Best Eyebrow Embroidery SingaporeRight After Session #1

Now I’m not gonna lie and say that I wasn’t self-conscious of those super dark brows on the first day. This is very normal as the colour will fade off and a second session will be needed to do a touch up on those areas that are more resistant to absorbing the embroidery ink. Different skin absorbs color differently too therefore after one month the expert therapist will access for you when you do your touch up. I was given a special soothing gel after the session and it helped to ease the slight itch and kept the peeling at bay for 1 week. I’d no issues with massive peeling at all, so itch wasn’t that big of an issue for me too. It’s great to see my brows looking so good within 15 days of the first session! Selfie as shown below^^

Best Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore15 days after Session #1


Best Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore25 days after Session #1!

I was in Korea, enjoying Winter

So, the second session usually takes place about 4 weeks after the first session. I went back to Beauty Recipe for a minor touch up session and MY BROWS LOOKED EVEN BETTER THAN I’D IMAGINED THEM TO BE !^^ No exaggeration here, I truly, really like my new set of brows as those uneven brows were really bothering me when I sat down to do my makeup every morning before. Now, I always get compliments on how my brows are so well suited for my face shape and for how natural they look in photos and in real person. I was even stopped by a random lady at the mall who really wanted to know where I had my brows done at 😀 Guess that says a lot right? 😀

Best Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore7 days after Session #2

Best Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore22 days after Session #2

If you’re interested to find out more, you can reach out to Beauty Recipe directly at 9859 3982 for enquiries or to book an appointment. Check out their Instagram for more photos @singaporenails. Nothing beats good photos to testify and prove the skills of their beauty aestheticians right? 🙂 I’m totally loving my 6D Nano Brow Embroidered brows now! Beauty Recipe’s 6D Nano Brow Embroidery services are usually priced at $1288 but if you’re to call now to book an appointment, it’ll be at $488 only! So call now to enjoy some good looking brows too!

Beauty Recipe has 3 outlets. Jurong East, Marine Parade Central and Orchardgateway(Somerset MRT Exit C).

For more information, you can visit http://beautyrecipe.com.sg or their Facebook Page to find out more 🙂

Let’s stay beautiful together!





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