Free Talk about Childhood Trauma and its effects on us as Adults

Free Talk about Childhood Trauma and its effects on us as Adults

Today I want to share on something close to my heart. It was by no coincidence that I stumbled upon a workshop on Trauma by Christine Foong- Wong a few months back through a friend. He knows Christine to be advocating educational talks on Trauma related works and highly recommended me to attend her evening lecture.

I have a son who is now 20 months old and the title – “Childhood Trauma and its effects on children and adults” caught my attention. Christine as a  psychotrauma therapist and speaker spoke passionately about the topic of trauma not just accidental or catastrophic trauma or huge events but simply a relational childhood psychological trauma that I realised after the talk that most of us would have gone through. This is a very modern form of trauma studies founded by Professor Franz Ruppert, Germany after 20 years of research on relational childhood trauma and its effects on adults and children and even our future generations.

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 As I am a very analytical person, thus I appreciated the clarity in the clear scientific explanation of what has happened to a person when he or she is traumatised and to my horror as early as upon conception time. Consequences from the traumatic experience were shared during the talk and it really affects almost every area of our lives be it emotionally, mentally, physically or psychologically.

Looking at the state of our society today, with so much expectations put upon ourselves by either ourselves or others to perform and survive in a highly competitive work environment, it is of no surprise that more and more people are suffering from depression or panic attacks or burnouts and of course parents would naturally pass their stress on to their children which I’m sure I am one of them too.

I have benefitted so much from her talk that now I understand that certain things I do or say to my child may be traumatising him and sometimes without me even doing anything, I may have already traumatised him – i learnt that children takes on the stress of their parents – often unspoken, sometimes expressed through various emotions and anger states….. and without us realising it, the child grows up behaving and feeling exactly like his/her parents- angry, sad, frustrated, feeling not good enough etc…. the list goes on endlessly. I’m glad there’s finally a chance for help and healthy solutions now to stop this vicious cycle.

The knowledge of this works is so profound and yet essential to everyone of us on an everyday basis….. i simply can’t share everything in one sitting…. if I have time I will write in my next one. But currently I realised that Christine has another talk lined up tomorrow and for my blog’s subscribers or fans, you can attend it for FREE! Why not spend this holiday eve learning about yourself and how you can start making a difference in your life and your children’s lives.

She has given my fans and subscribers a National Day offer and all you need to do is …..enter code : jess 

to claim a free seat to her lecture that’s worth $50 and register fast before its filled up here:

Although its tomorrow, its still not too late to register!

If you are keen on her future talks, just email Christine with your NAME & Mobile  @ and request to be updated for future talks!

Meanwhile, you can go check out her Facebook page:

or you may go check her out at her youtube channel for many videos with Professor Franz Ruppert on Trauma and its effects in our lives.

Free Talk about Childhood Trauma and its effects on us as Adults parenting

She will share on more details on how childhood trauma can actually affect our mental state – like stress, depression, burnout, panic attacks or feelings, emotions that’s repeating in a cycle or pattern or is not healthy to us in our day to day lives.

Hope to see all of you there! and have a great National Day!



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