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Face and Eyebrow Threading Course Singapore

Face and Eyebrow Threading Course Singapore

What is Face and Eyebrow Threading?

Fancy having alive-looking brows and baby-smooth skin that is free of unwanted facial hair? While many beauty options are available in the market such as that of eyebrow and facial waxing, threading is likely to be your best bet.

Threading is an ancient technique of hair removal that has been practiced for centuries in Asia. The technique is usually performed on the face to remove unwanted hair, such as on the eyebrows, upper lip, chin and side burns. A thin cotton or polyester thread is first rolled and twisted into a double strand over areas of unwanted hair before those hairs are expertly and precisely lifted from each follicle. While eyebrow threading is usually completed in 5 – 7 minutes, full facial threading generally takes longer, approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

Face and Eyebrow Threading Course Singapore

Eyebrow and face threading is suitable for all skin types, but particularly so for sensitive skin. Unlike waxing, it is less invasive and does not involve the removal of a skin layer which can make one’s skin vulnerable to sun damage. Skin irritation is also further minimized since there is no exposure to irritants such as waxing and depilatory products. That being said, some people may still experience some redness and irritation. When that happens, one can simply apply skin-soothing gels such as aloe-vera gel onto the affected area as a form of aftercare.    

Compared to other methods of hair removal like waxing and tweezing, threading is not only all-natural and less painful, but also more precise and longer lasting. Even the shortest hair can be teased out of its follicle, with no half-grown strays remaining. Moreover, since all unwanted hairs can be removed in the same session, they usually grow back at the same time, thus allowing for easier maintenance. Hairs grow back finer and a touch up is only necessary once every 4 – 5 weeks.

Regardless of gender, eyebrow and facial threading is a great method to achieve a polished look with natural-looking, graceful and defined brows that frame the eyes and help to complete one’s look.

Face & Eyebrow Threading Beauty Course

Duration: 8 hours
2 Day course

Course fees: $599 (Skills Future Credit Grant Claimable) 

Course Content

– About Threading

– Benefits of Threading

– Contraindication

– Different Skin Types

– Tools and Materials introduction

– Types and Styles of Eyebrows (& How to Tailor it to Different Face Shapes)

– Face Shapes and Eyebrow Types for Women

– Face Shapes and Eyebrow Types for Men

– Instructions for Customers (To Facilitate Threading Sessions)

– Face and Eyebrow Threading Technique

– Practical with model

– Maintenance and Aftercare

– Frequently Asked Questions

– Health and Safety


Materials Included

Cotton threads

Loose powder

Cold/soothing mask


Eyebrow scissors

Eyebrow comb

Hairband to keep fringe out of the way

Certificate by Beauty Recipe Aesthetics Singapore

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics Singapore

For more info visit:


Call or WhatsApp Derek Chen @ 8189 2984

Threading prices for Threading Services at 3 of our outlets (Jurong East, Marine Parade and Orchardgateway)

Eyebrow Threading – $15 

Whole Face + Eyebrow – $28



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