Express One Hour Cake Delivery Singapore

Express One Hour Cake Delivery Singapore

If you are looking for cake delivery that offers same-day, midnight and overnight delivery (SERIOUSLY!!!)— so you can surprise your loved ones, no matter the time! This is a lobang you cannot miss. This website ( Cake Delivery Singapore is the only cake delivery service in Singapore that offers this Service.

Since the re-opening after circuit breaker, I felt very blessed that God is blessing us. I am very thankful we are able to start operation again and it is wonderful to see how many customers are showing us so much support. Of course I am very appreciative of those around me to make things happen. Without my team, I can never do everything myself so I feel that I want to show them some love and appreciation.

Since everyone worked so hard running training classes after training classes and appointments after appointments. As a boss, I wanted to do something really nice for all my trainers, staffs and beauticians…

So … I decide to order some cakes to have a tea break ”mini party” for everyone.


I ordered…

Red velvet x1
Ondeh ondeh cake x1
Rainbow cake x1
Chocolate rainbow cake x1
Mao shan wang chocolate x 3
Pistachio rose x1
Dark chocolate Ganache x1
Bubblegum x1

I like the fact that I do not need to buy a full cake to get delivery service and that they have so many different cake selections it is amazing.

Everything looks so nice that I just want to order everything and eat everything!!!! Hahah.







The rainbow ones look so colourful don’t they? Even by looking at them, my saliva want to drool out of my mouth.

I didn’t get to try them all because it won’t be nice to just take a bite off  other’s cake hahahaha. But from all their feedback, they told me it was good. I had the Mao Shan Wang Chocolate, it was so good that I felt I was suddenly in heaven. Very exaggerating but really it was soooo good. I would order it again a full cake maybe next time when one of my staff have a birthday so we can celebrate at the shop. 🙂

Remember them if you want fast express 1 hour cake delivery, even you fancy a midnight cake delivery too!  🙏🏻 Just make sure must workout after eating. 🙂




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