Experience of Blood Donation at Bloodbank Singapore


Experience of Blood Donation at Bloodbank Singapore

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This is me today, first time donating blood. I had always thought that donating blood looks damn scary. And it might be painful and many those sort of scary thoughts might have also probably crossed the mind of many others.

I thought that giving blood is kind of a very noble and good deed to do as it can really save lives. I had a very good friend was involved in a very serious car accident recently. It made me wonder how fragile life really is. And that life is precious and we should cherish our lives and love ones dearly.

It doesn’t matter how rich or how much money you have in your bank account, how popular or famous or influential you are or whatever you have in your life. You never know when you will be taken away from this planet earth and all these means nothing the moment you lose your life/health.

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I went to the blood bank at Dhoby Ghaut. It’s just at the Dhoby Ghaut exchange when you come out of the MRT station. It was my first time giving blood and I really do not know what to expect.

To donate blood, it is better that before you go, you can register on the website and make an appointment first so it will be much faster at the counter when you arrive.


They have multiple location island wide in Singapore for the blood bank. So choose the nearest and most convenient one for you.

You are also required to fill up a online questionnaire when you register for appointment. And best to do that before you go.

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When you arrive for your appointment, they will print out and go through your questionnaire that you filled out briefly with you once again and measure your blood pressure. I always have low blood pressure, so i was like hoping it will not be below the level to be rejected to give blood since I have braved myself coming all this way.

After taking blood pressure, they will also take your temperature to make sure you are not running a fever.

Once that is done in the screening room, a nurse will come to prick your finger for some blood to test for iron. Again, if your blood iron level is too low or too high, you will be rejected to give blood too.

Everything turned out fine for me and I was told I can now give blood. Ok maybe a little part of me was wanting to turn back because I really dislike needles.

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The room and the seats look really comfortable and the nurses are super gentle and nice too.

First, they will give you a stress ball to squeeze and then inject local anaesthesia into your arm. Felt like a tiny ant bite for 2 seconds (not as painful as compared to getting those immunisation injection on the arm or drawing blood during my pregnancy) then felt nothing at all throughout the blood donation exercise.

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Seriously, I felt nothing during at all, just like some tiny bit of tingling numbness down my arms, then in about less than 10 minutes the nurse told me ‘ok done’! I was like huh! so fast???

Then she show me the one big bag of blood in the photo below. Haha! So amazing.

I feel so proud of myself. I finally gave blood and it’s not so bad after all. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.08.15 pmScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.07.55 pm

They then plaster my arm with this super cute pink arm band.

Donate Blood. Saves Lives!

 I still can’t believe that less than 10 minutes the blood donation is done! No feeling pain, weak or faint after that. It feels good to know my blood can help someone and at same time allowing my body an opportunity to make new blood. Healthy Healthy Healthy! You can actually donate blood every 3 months. Your body takes 72 hours to replenish with new blood.

My buddy that I went with says got free rasins, drinks and also there. Multiple benefits! LOL! Hahaa 󾰛󾌪󾌲󾌫󾍇

For more info on donating blood, visit:




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