Dressing Right by Knowing Your Personality Style Quiz

Dressing Right by Knowing Your Personality Style Quiz

It might not be the best to be copying the way other people are dressing. It might not suit you even if thought that killer dress is a must have on your favourite celebritiy. Dressing right is important to look and feel good. Not only does it help you achieve your confidence but a great way to impress others whether it is getting the right guy to notice you or making your way up that success ladder with your career. Or simply bringing out the colours that brighten up your overall look.

Dressing right comes down to knowing yourself, your style personality, your skin tone, your body shape and putting on the right accessories/hair style to further enhance your appearance.


I am going to be sharing with you a series of blog posts on fashion styling so you might just improve your dress sense further 🙂 Other than some of the things I already know, I am also picking up a lot of new things from different image consultants, fashion stylist experts and from my research for this blog series.

First, let us learn more about ourselves and determined our personality. There are 5 main personality style groups.






Today, I am going to help you find out which group you belong to by doing a personality style quiz that I created below.

This is the link to the survey that I have created for FEMALEShttp://snack.to/q7hpstpz

This is the link to the survey that I have created for MALEShttp://snack.to/q7unqc9t


Romantic Style: Usually likes floral/flowery prints, always wear perfume, prefers dress and skirts

  Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.34.13 pm 

Classic Style: Wear suits and twins set. You avoid too many colors in one outfit. Likes looking sophisticated and easily coordinated

Nicole Kidman classic personality style


Creative Style: To you dressing is an art form. Your style is unique and unpredictable. You like to wear strong contrasting colors

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.46.22 pm


Dramatic Style: You follow the latest fashion trends and love to make an entrance. Your wardrobe is normally full of trendy must haves.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.49.02 pm


Natural Style: Feeling comfortable is your top priority. You have a relax laid-back attitude to your look. Love casual more than dressing up.

cameron diaz casual natural personality style

Have you found out which Style are you? 🙂