Dentiste Oral Care Product Review and Event

Dentiste Oral Care Product Review and Event 

Me and my hubby head down to Cineleisure on Saturday on 21st Nov to take part in DENTISTE’ Kissing Silhouette Event. DENTISTE’ has the only a Nighttime Toothpaste that is Laboratory proven to inhibit nighttime oral bacteria.  For fresh morning breath.



DENTISTE’ has been a global leader in premium oral care solutions with its products spreading across 20 countries in 6 continents. Their innovative offerings to both consumers and dental professionals are the full range of premium natural products equipped with many of the world’s most advanced dental technologies backed by solid clinical studies, thus helping people take a superior care of their oral hygiene in ways previously not possible with older technologies. Their strong commitment to relentless innovation and quality has resulted in products that have received worldwide accolades and truly improved people’s lives.

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore
Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

There were many people, bloggers and social media influencers there at the event too. The idea is to take a Silhouette photo of you kissing your partner.

Here  are some bloggers  below kissing their partners, can you tell who they are? 
Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

Super cute right? hahaaaa. I think this event is different and kind of fun for all couples. The is first of it’s kind in Singapore.

The public can request to take a silhouette photo and bring home goodie bag worth $50.

There is also a spin wheel of prizes too for the public to take part. Look what I have won? A full size toothpaste. Heheeeee 🙂 Lucky Lucky me!

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

Both me and my hubby tried out the DENTISTE’ products and we absolutely love it! We will be using DENTISTE’ from now onwards.

DENTISTE’ Nighttime Toothpaste is made with advanced dental technologies and powered with premium natural ingredients, 14 Natural Extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C, and other ingredients, which are specially formulated to inhibit nighttime oral bacteria that are the major cause of bad morning breath and tooth cavities.

DENTISTE’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

 Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

DENTISTE’ Perfect Gum & Teeth Protection
DENTISTE’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste has a unique purpose of protecting your oral health during the night. The key benefit is its function to specifically protect against nighttime oral bacteriawhich is the major cause of bad morning breath and may lead to more serious oral health problems like gum disease, plaque, cavities and sensitive teeth.

DENTISTE’ 100% Natural Toothpaste

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

No more stinging sensitive mouth : Chemical toothpaste can irritate and be harmful to oral tissue, but natural toothpaste can help decrease chemical toxicity.

Natural whiteners perk up your smile : DENTISTE’ 100% Natural Toothpaste uses Natural Sodium Bicarbonate and Natural Hydrated Silica to whiten teeth instead of using bleaching agents that can cause sensitive teeth.
Going Fluoride Free : Fluoride, being used for centuries for its anti-cavity effect, is actually a toxic substance. Over intake of Fluoride can cause yellowish teeth and adverse health effects.

Simple and real flavors : DENTISTE’ 100% Natural Toothpaste uses Xylitol and Stevia as sweetener and plant oils for flavouring, not a lab-created flavouring.

Choose a more natural and safer way to brush our teeth

DENTISTE’ Natural toothpaste

Natural remineralization
Natural gum protection
Natural whitening 

Natural anti-bacteria
Herbapeutic effect
Natural sweetener & flavours


Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

DENTISTE’ Oral Rinse has a special pH balanced formula and uses OPTA FLOW Technology for boosting self cleansing Salivary flow, which helps reduce bacterial deposit, protect the gum and moisturise the mouth naturally to prevent dry mouth for long lasting fresh breath.

    Active Natural Extracts : Antiseptic and Antibacterial to help inhibit the growth of bacteria for immediate & long-lasting fresh breath.
    Exclusive Self-Cleansing Saliva Flow Enhancing formula : Increases Self-Cleansing Salivary Flow to help clean and reduce bacterial deposit for long-lasting fresh breath and dry mouth prevention.
    CDX : Trapping Volatile Sulphur Compound, the cause of bad breath.
    Xylitol : Natural taste enhancer that bacteria cannot feed on.
    pH Balance : Helps boost Natural Tooth Re-mineralization, bringing minerals back to the teeth, thus reducing the chance of having tooth erosion, whiten and strengthen the teeth.

Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore

My verdict is that DENTISTE’ has really quality and good products for your oral care. I like the fact that all their products are mainly made from natural ingredients and the taste is not over powering. I really hate strong taste toothpaste in my mouth.

Other than that I was really amazed that after one whole night, my breath in the morning is still fresh from the night before after using DENTISTE’. Usually my breath is not the best especially early in the morning so I will always rush to brush my teeth as soon as I wake up. THE FRESHNESS STAYS!!!! 

Dentiste’ products are sold in all major retail stores

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Thanks for reading my blog and if you are interested to find more about DENTISTE’ products, do visit their official website at:

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Dentiste Oral Care toothpaste Singapore




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