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This review was written on the blog of a new customer Cassandra whom recently tried our Beauty Recipe’s service. To be honest, whenever I read blog reviews like this(which is not the first), I really felt very happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Because I know that how they feel about my shop is genuine. And that I am really living up to the promise of bringing affordable beauty solutions that is of great quality with excellent service is possible.

Even though from time to time, we do sponsor some bloggers for free to try out our services. You have the right to suspect and debate some of what they wrote since it was sponsored but we also have many bloggers who came and fully paid for their services and still gave us excellent reviews too.

Anyway I just want to say thanks for those who supported us. Please continue to support us so we can continue to provide good quality service that does not break your wallet.

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I’ve booked an appointment with Beauty Recipe for my Eyelash Extension at 1pm & the following day for my Eyebrow Embroidery at 4pm. I’m so excited because it’s my first time doing Eyelash Extension & Eyebrow Embroidery!
Actually I only wanted to get my eyebrows done, but after much consideration I decided to do my eyelashes too. Since it’s so cheap and affordable, WHY NOT?!
I have never tried putting on conventional eye lashes because it’s too heavy for my eyes and I’ll have those weird feeling. I’ve never done any eyelash extension too because it’s so expensive. (Budge Queen)
I seriously have a hard time drawing my brows every morning. I don’t usually draw my brows, but because during one night when I was re-shaping my brows, I accidentally shaved off almost half of my brows! It was a disaster for me. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DRAW EYEBROWS! I started googling on how to draw eyebrows for newbies, but it didn’t help. I can stand infront of my dressing table for 1-2HRS just to get my brows in shape. Can you imagine how long is that?!
Recently, I’ve started googling for “Cheap Eyebrow Embroidery” and I’ve came across Beauty Recipe. So I went to their Facebook Page and started enquiring about the pricing and etc. I DIDN’T EXPECT THEM TO REPLY TO ALL MY ENQUIRIES SO FAST! Very efficient. *Thumbs Up*
So I’ve booked 2 appointments with them. 11/8, 1pm is for my lashes & 12/8, 4pm is for my brows. The reason why I’ve 2 separate dates of appointment is because they told me that the lashes itself will take about 1HR and the brows itself will take 2HRS to complete. So if I were to put them on the same day, it will be very long. So they suggest that I book 2 different dates of appointment.
The moment I reached there for my eyelash extension appointment, I was totally amused by the lovely staffs and the pinkish environment. Though it’s small, but really cosy and beautiful. In this generation, it’s kind of hard to find beauty retail shops with good quality service and best results. Most of them are so rude that I don’t even bother talking to them. Perhaps, this is also one of the reason that makes me a happy & satisfied customer.
During the process of getting the extensions on, I was amazed that it’s totally PAINLESS! I thought it was going to be painful or something, but it isn’t at all. WOW! I almost fall asleep during the session. But I can’t deny that it’s not itchy. HAHA! At some point of time, I really wanted to rub my eyes so hard due to the itchy-ness!
Oops. I’m so sorry that I’ve forgotten to take a ‘Before & After’ picture of my lashes for this review. But I did take some photos from different angles after I’ve gotten the lashes done. Check it out below!
(Why should you choose Beauty Recipe?)
1) They are one of the rare places offering Human Hair Eyelash Extensions which is ultra fine, soft, light and natural looking, directly imported from Korea.
2) Human Hair Eyelash Extension lasts longer and is very comfortable to wear!
3) Human Hair Eyelash Extensions look so natural that people would not be able to tell that you have enhancements on.
4) They will not damage or cause your real lashes to drop by weighing them down.
5) Their techniques used will not cause balding of your natural lashes.
6) They uses medical grade glue and remover imported from Korea that does not have strong smell, and does not sting the skin or cause any allergic reaction.
7) One stop service where you can do your Nails, Eyelash, Waxing, Facial all in one place.
8) Good Quality Service.
9) Affordable Price for Best Results.
10) Winner of Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award.
While I tried them on for the first time, the difference in comfort levels between wearing them and conventional eye lashes is significant. And the instant result is a bright and alluring eyes! It really did enlarges my eyes and make them look more bright. I’m born with “Sleepy Double Eyelids” so most of the time, my eyes look droppy/sleepy. Super satisfied with the result! YAY!
Beauty Recipe make it is so easy for anyone to have longer, thicker, darker, natural and more voluminous lashes at affordable price!
There is also an FIRST TRIAL promotion right now. Visit their website for more details HERE!
 Photo Credit: Beauty Recipe

 Photo Credit: Beauty Recipe
Photo Credit: Beauty Recipe

Eyebrow Embroidery 


I won’t say that it’s totally painless, because I do feel painful at some point of time but it’s tolerable. I used to believe that cheap deals doesn’t end up with good results. But Beauty Recipe proved me wrong. Both of the results (Eyelashes & Eyebrows) are super awesome!

Thanks for reading! XOXO


They are located at:
Blk 104 Jurong East St. 13 #01-102 Singapore 600104
Opening Hour :
Monday – Friday (10am – 8pm)
Saturday (10am – 9pm)
Sunday (10am – 6pm)
Telephone: 6567 3568
**Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTORIAL OR SPONSORSHIP. I paid for the service with my own money. I’m merely just stating how I feel about their excellent service. Sharing is caring!**