What changes will you experience during a Divorce

What changes will you experience during a Divorce

I’m not suggesting that anyone who is unhappy with your marriage should get a divorce. Marriage can be an excellent thing and there are a lot of ways you can work together with your partner to make things better. But what I am saying is if your partner refuse to work things out together with you or staying in a miserable marriage is just making you very unhappy then that doesn’t seem to do a lot of good for anyone in the long run. Maybe sometimes what you really need is a fresh start and a new beginning. Sometimes a divorce might seems to be the last resort left that can grant you that.

Sometimes it’s the money part that can be a problem. Divorce in Singapore can get very expensive and waste both parties a lot of time and money if you did not get a good divorce lawyer for proper advise. The cost of a good divorce lawyer alone can eat into all kinds of financing (though most people who invest in a divorce lawyer generally attest to their effectiveness and value). Do always remember that divorce won’t solve all your problems. But it will solve the problem of an unhappy marriage.

Thoughts of divorcing might start to increase with each passing day that you remain in a toxic relationship with a partner. Yet, before you start dreaming of what it might be like being single again, know that what appears to be easy for others, could be difficult for you. So what change will you experience during a divorce?

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1. The relationship will not be the same again.

Once you both decide on separating or divorcing, the relationship is never what it used to be. It is not always for the worse side, some couples find that they can communicate better and their relationship with their ex spouse can become better when after divorce they still stay in touch due to the kids or what ever reason.  But nonetheless, you will ever feel quite the same about yourself or relationships in general. It will change you emotionally, spiritually and/or physically. When one goes through a challenging breakup, your body might experience the negative side effects like premature aging, obesity, unexplained illnesses, and increase stress for a period of time. You may also find it hard to trust others in the future. But give yourself time to heal. You are allow to recover at your own pace and it will get better.


2. There will be pain.

As much as you might want to escape the thought of breaking up and prevent yourself to have flashback memories of the good/bad times together, there will be a strange feeling that you can’t stop yourself from thinking about the past then suddenly becoming emotional for no apparent reason. Don’t blame yourself for getting emotional, let it out. You are allow to cry and if crying makes you feel better after that it might be good for you.


3. You will begin to wish for things you never got or lost

Somethings that never matter to you might suddenly seems very important to you. Sometimes people say you only start cherish the things after you lost it.


4. The people who showed interest in you while you looked happily married may treat you differently or begin to fade away.

There will always be some critics that will look at you like divorce is some sort of crime or wrong doing. Some selfish people are just insensitive and they don’t do well when others are wounded. They will treat you like a plague while hoping your troubles will stay far away from them.


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5. You might become increasingly angry at your partner.

Whether it was your idea to divorce or your soon-to-be ex, you will start to experience an unexplained rage the more you think about how much of your life was dedicated to the individual and how much sacrifice and time you have lost in the marriage. You will start blaming your partner for putting you the situation that you are in right now. But do be positive and think that a divorce might not be so bad as it is a chance to have you a new beginning for you to have a better life and more happiness forward though it might seem like hard times right now.


6. You will start to experience some personal peace and a determination to want to do better with your life.

You might have a sudden gush of determination and motivation to set new goals and do something differently in your life since your relationship is coming to an end. You might be inspired to do more, dream bigger, and try new things that you never done before.


7. Children might start to get on your nerves.

During this emotional times, when your children doesn’t behave or did something wrong, you might not have the tolerance compared to before. You might find them more irritating. It can be tough trying to be more patience with your child or be more understanding to them during this time.

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8. You might feel like you want to disappear for a while on the face of the earth

You are afraid to meet your relatives and friends or socialize during this period because you just felt like you have no energy to go please the people around you while having to put up a strong front in front of them. Trying to hold up conversations might seem too tiring at these times.


9. You will want to quiet those who feel the need to interject their opinions about your breakup.

Sometimes, the truth is that you just don’t wish to nshare so much about your personal life with gossips, liars, miserable people and those who can’t seem to settle down or have relationship problems as well. You just don’t want even more negativity coming into your life right now.


10. You may do something extreme.

When you are depress, you will tend to do things that might even surprise yourself. I am not saying overly extreme things like try to suicide or murder your ex.  It can be something like quitting your job, abandon a favorite hobby or have an extreme makeover something like that.

You might stop doing something routine or go to the regular places/restaurant which your soon-to-be ex always visit to avoid bad memories.


Fear is a perfectly normal feeling when considering divorce. You’ll be afraid of making a mistake, wary of what the future holds and how you’ll cope. It’s important not to let fear control your behavior and attitude. Divorce is painful for everyone involved, so the more amicable and collaborative you can be during the process, the better off you, your partner and your children will be. And remember that with the help of a good divorce lawyer, you’ll be able to reach an agreement in a few weeks, rather than getting tangled up in court for months or even years. Divorce in Singapore can be messy if you aren’t prepared for it-and expensive

It might not seem like it at the time, but sometimes a divorce can be an incredibly good thing. In many ways, divorce can be something of a fresh start-a new beginning.

Divorce is not easy, but it is sometimes necessary and millions of people have done it successfully. So, you can do it too.



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