Chambers Hair Salon ALGANA Argan Oil Treatment

Chambers Hair Salon ALGANA Argan Oil Treatment 

Mucota has upgraded their well known superb hair treatment before MUCOTA DYNA Argan Oil Treatment which I deemed to be the most effective treatment to rescue any form of damaged hair. Today, I got to try out their upgrade version of ALGANA+ Argan Oil Treatment. As you know I love colouring my hair and perm and doing all sorts to it. Being a mum and busy with my business and all, I don’t really have the luxury of time to take care of my hair. I envy those can go salon once a month or every few weeks for hair treatments. Therefore, this ALGANA Argan Oil Treatment is the best choice for me because every treatment can revive my damaged hair and give me smooth nice hair for up to 6 months or longer. 🙂

ALGANA+ Argan Oil Treatment by Mucota is a revolutionary hair condition treatment that repairs and enhances hair integrity while incorporation the art of hair design.  Tis reparative condition treatment utilises modern Japanese hair innovation and ancient philosophy in hair designs that rebuild hair structure and restore shine to our hair.

The triple action formula moisturiser softens and repairs at the same time resulting in a natural looking straight or permed hair that is shiny, smooth and soft to the touch.


The organ tree is believed to have originated from Algana, a village south-west of Morocco. Argan trees are laden with fleshy fruits that contain hard organ tree nut at it’s core. This organ tree nut is the miracle source of the Algana+ treatment oil.

Moroccan women have been using again oil as skin moisturisers and hair conditioners to protect themselves against the scorching sunshine since ancient times. Their exotic beaty is attributed to this golden anti-aging oil.

Packed with rich antioxidant, rejuvenating vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-9, argan oil has myriads uses. One of the best ways to use it for hair care. Besides offering thermal protection against the harmful UV rays, this precious oil combats dry, rough , frizzy and dull hair.


ALGANA+ is a cysteine-based treatment(amino acid) and cysteine exists in our hair to give it strength and durability. Cysteine-based system is a modern form of hair treatment. this treatment uses naturally occurring essential amino acid to strengthen hair. It is safer and does not contain cancer-causing formaldehyde.

It is a next-generation reparative conditioning hair treatment that uses amino acids to restructure disulfide bonds.

Basically, not all hair treatments offered in salons are good for you. It is better to research on this before spending the money and making sure the treatments really works. I would say if you are looking to make your hair look great, definately give this treatment a try. For my super long hair, this treatment cost around 300+ which i find it very reasonably priced considered Argan Oil is actually the most expensive oil in the world. As extraction can only be done by hand. Only 1 litre of oil can be extracted from 100kg of argan berries!

After treatment they did a re-dye of a turquoise colour for the faded ends for me. Then lastly a new treatment from MUCOTA called the INFINIA which is for one who has severely damaged bleached hair. Because this treatment can repair the building blocks of the hair fibre at its molecular level. It’s reparative properties allow stylist to undertake more extreme hair transformation without causing additional damage to compromised hair.

Treating both normal & frizzy hair with long lasting, brilliant effect and increase in hair strength and elasticity. This treatment will allow you to colour and treat your hair at the same time.

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