Cake delivery in Singapore by whYZee Bakery

Cake delivery in Singapore by whYZee Bakery



Served straight up.

This sumptuous cake was specially delivered to Beauty Recipe a couple of days back by whYZee Bakery, a local bakery that specializes in Seasonal Products and different occasion of cakes ranging from famous Swiss Rolls to Birthday Cakes and Eggless Cakes.

Being an avid lover of sweet delicacies, I did not hesitate to slice away a chunk of this delicious chocolate cheese cake and devoured it in an instant. The cake was quickly finished by the rest of my staff, leaving the blank round silver cake base plate.


Yep, that huge chunk is meant for one.

whYZee Bakery promises that all their ingredients used are of premium quality with guaranteed freshness. Their focus is also on healthier option cakes where they use less sugar and cream to ensure that every one of all ages gets to enjoy them as well. Upon sinking my teeth into it, this is proven to be true. It was freshly baked that morning and delivered to us at a perfect cold temperature. Splendid. What I loved best about it was how the cheese-infused chocolate cake filled my taste buds which screamed one 2 words, quality perfection.


My boyfriend and myself enjoy what was left of the cake.

These cakes are very affordable, starting at $20+ dollars. They even do last minute deliveries in case you had only remembered your loved one’s birthday on the final hour.

My boyfriend really enjoyed the cake as well!

You can locate the humble bakery at 352 Clementi Ave 2, #01-109 or order them online at

Delivery fee is only at $10 and free for orders above $80!



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