Blogger review on Human Hair Eyelash Extension at Beauty Recipe


Recently, another famous blogger Wendy Ashley came to try out and blogged about our Human Hair Eyelash Extension at Beauty Recipe. I am very happy and honoured to have these pretty and popular bloggers interested in our services.

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Eyelash Extension At Beauty Recipe

I’ve not done eyelash extensions in ages and I thought I would need them soon cos I’m so tired of taking 5 minutes to draw eyeliner and to stick on those falsies/apply mascara.


And what’s new in trend now isn’t those dramatic cluster/thick kind. I’ll show you what’s the real deal in awhile!


I’m honored to be reviewing this for my fellow mummy-to-be blogger from MyFatPocket, Jessie, the ladyboss of Beauty Recipe!



Beauty Recipe specialises not only in nails, but also facial services and waxing services. Jessie, as a beauty blogger sure knows which is the latest beauty trend and what’s good for all of you girlies!


Now here’s a picture of my sparse lashes before the eyelash extensions.

(Luckily my lashes grew back as they were once “botak” because of massive “old school” and dramatic eyelash extension every month for a year. You’ll get to know the reason later.)

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Okay and here’s what I meant by the real deal strand by strand eyelash extensions, unlike those clusters ones that would make your eyelash go bald. This method of application is by attaching them to your skin and not sticking them to your own lashes hence it will NOT cause stress to your own lashes that will break easily.



Cool? This is so so so much better, lighter and more natural looking. It feels almost nothing’s on my eyes!

Well, and even if these lashes fall out, it will not create big gap in your lashes, thus not having to touch up so soon.


Below’s the before and after picture, that’s really natural, isn’t it?



The whole process usually takes about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to complete, and the staff, Yu, was really really patient in making sure you get the prettiest eyelash extension at Beauty Recipe!


Photo with Yu. Remember to look for her when you call for an appt!


The promotional price for this awesomest eyelash extension is only @ $68!!!!!!!!
(if you are aware, many of the places are charging @ $138-$180 per session)

And that is more than 50% cheaper at Beauty Recipe!!


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